Potential heroes to get to plat (Talking about PvE and PvP)

Potential heroes to promote to plat:
-Chesterfield: Gold and plat works well with each other
-Clyde: Plat increases crit damage and gold increases damage too (I am aware about Razor’s gold ability)
-Callidus: Healing abilities almost granting her immortality and insane health
-Fischer: Being able to evade attacks and go under the radar of most AI

What’s your idea?

Chester’s plat is overrated (I have a lot of experience with it). 9k damage isn’t nearly as much as it seems.

Clyde’s plat is actually amazing, especially if you have good aim. +12% crit. Delicious.

Callidus, I’m not so sure about. I heard that her plat is really good from @ULFPAM, but you’ll have to hear from someone else.

Fischer I’m not sure about either. He is generally not very good. Ask @Benched about fischer, but from what I can tell the prospect of using fischer outweighs the benefit of his plat.

I like my Platinum Callidus! She’s definitely not TOP. But she does what she’s supposed to do.

Chester is mediocre at best. He’s ok in PvE but relatively useless in PvP.

Clyde is pretty great. Not the greatest plat but it does help land more crits if you’re piloting him. (AI misses too much to even notice a difference)

Callidus is meh. I don’t have too much experience with her but her usage is really low at the top level so I can only assume she’s underwhelming.

Fischer is pretty garbage. He’s generally considered one of the very low-tier heroes. I personally wouldn’t put any effort into him. His plat is good for PvE, but it doesn’t make up for his very poor performance otherwise.

Heroes that are good to bring to plat:
Nightingale, Dogface, Heimlock, Ifrit, Halo, Panzer, Ronin, Baron, and Mauler are all great options.