Custom crate

As you all know the new crate called custom crate is out in which you can select rewards i got related question
Does it take money to open ??

yes, its like $20 each month or something.

but there is a week trial which is free.

I subscribed for the for 7 free day trial but what if i wanted to cancel the subsciption after those free 7 days how do i do that ?

Depends on your devise, look it up online.

Also one more qusestion did i suscribe to 7 days free only or the whole month ? because i only only want to suscribe for 7 days only not the whole month

You only get one week free, but you get a crate per week.

ok ty for the reply i didnt want to spent 20 bucks for month only wanted it for free for 7 day trial only

If i cencel it today, do I get a second one on the 10th, or do I have to pay for that one?

It seems like people don’t understand how this works and that is partially by design. Although ‘free’ trials that require payment details up-front are increasingly common, they are seen as a fairly predatory sales stream due to the number of people who do not realize that they are signing up for an ongoing subscription.

The subscription service works as follows: you will get 4 ‘opens’ of the custom chest per month. For this, you will be automatically billed $20 at the start of every period. This will continue each month at the start of the pay period until such a time as you decide to cancel your subscription.

The promotion works as follows: upon signing up for the $20/month subscription above, you will get to open the crate once for ‘free’. Signing up for the subscription includes a step where you explicitly inform Google/Apple that HHG shall receive $20 from you automatically each month. If you intend to sign up only for the ‘free’ opening, you must visit the Play/App Store, go to ‘Subscriptions’ and explicitly remove the authorization to automatically pay HHG.

If you do not do this, 7 days from the date you sign up for the subscription, a new period will start, at which time you will be charged $20 for a new month (and receive four crate openings). This amount will be charged every month until you remove the subscription.

for that should choose to pay from a card with no money or some money

Not sure I follow what you’re saying

I went to google play then subscriptions. I looked up Hero hunters and clicked on manage subscriptions. It keeps taking me to “get started” in the subscription section. I can’t cancel. Any help?

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