Ambiguity about the Custom Crate

The most important information that my alliance mates as well as many want to know about the new Custom Crate crafting -
1.Will I be charged an amount of money once i craft and open the custom crate first time ?
2. After the free trial, Will I be forced to enter my account details to play the game ? I am a freebie player and i don’t want to spend the money.
3. Is the custom crate for only VIP players or everyone can craft and open without spending any buck of money ?
Please explain it.
(Sorry if my english is bad).

The explanation of how the crate works has some legal jargon, which leads to some confusion, especially for those whose first language isn’t English. I’ll try to explain how it works as clearly as possible.

To open the first custom crate, you must begin your subscription with valid payment details. You are not charged anything until 1 week has passed. After that 1 week has passed, your paid subscription begins at $20 every four weeks. This is charged to the payment method you chose automatically with no further confirmation.

Immediately once you begin the subscription, you may open your one free crate. Once finished, you are free to cancel the subscription at any point (This is done via the Google Play store on Android or the Apple equivalent on iOS). If you cancel your subscription before the 1-week free trial is finished, you will not be charged at all for anything and you will keep the one custom crate you opened.

You will not need to enter any account details to play the game after the free trial. The only time you enter your information is when you begin the subscription by starting the free 1-week period.

The crate is for any player, not just VIP players. If you do not wish to spend any money, make sure that you cancel the subscription within 1 week of starting the free trial.


Seems like a ploy aimed at getting users to start a trial and then profit off the people who forget to cancel it in time.


Thanks for the explanation. I had a bit of trouble understanding if it would charge me something if left unattended.

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@Srando That’s exactly what it is. This tactic is universally accepted as being scummy and predatory. HHG should be ashamed of themselves for sinking this low, but that’s a separate conversation.


That’s probably the reason why iOS made HH pull it. Those of us with Apple don’t have access to the custom crate at all.

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I think this would be unjustice to those who play the game without any spending.
The Devs should get rid of this subscribtion thing asap.

They need to stop the subscription options and save face by supporting the community. Give us the option to buy the crate where we purchase gold.

However, I understand the need to increase profits. I’m sure operation cost are increasing.

Thanks, first time I did a subscription and didn’t know how to cancel.

Custom crate too expensive for an RNG. Not to mention no gold rewards. $5 for each draw seems unreasonable. $5 a month I’d subscribe.

Don’t forget that the chances of getting the good rewards increase with each opening. It is maybe not worth the 5$ the first two month. But if you may get a 50% chance of drawing as 5* hero, it could be worth it. (If you are willing to pay 20$ a month anyway or want to start to invest into the game)

WalleWu, I don’t think 50% for a Tier 2 reward (5* hero) is gonna be easy to reach.

Please see my post here: we need information to calculate the likelihood of the redistribution of drop chance after every opening.

You will see that the drop chance for Tier 1 is 0.26% and Tier 2 is 1.32%! It is gonna be a looong time for either of those numbers to reach 50% buddy.

These were just example numbers. I wanted to express that the crate is not worth the price yet, but could get worth it over time.
But since I am not going to invest in that crate, I honestly don’t care of it is worth the 5$ or not :man_shrugging:

Ah thanks for clarifying. I thought I would also jump in to point out that based on current information it looks like 50% would be a loong shot, just in case anyone takes away the incorrect impression that 50% chance for a Tier 2 drop is realistic with a $20 investment over 2 months.

Well. I have dicided not to start the free trial untill words for the devs. They should fix it as the subscribtion should be voluntary rather than a compelling one.

@dinesh What do you mean? My reply summarizes exactly what you need to do to get one crate open without paying anything and committing to a subscription past that.

I appreciate and thanks for your kind reply.
But it’s my personal opinion after other players comments.

That means you’re canceled, and it won’t auto-renew on that date. If the dates match, you’re fine! It’s active in the sense that you have an active Trial. On the 9th, it’ll check and see that you’ve canceled, and then it will show canceled.

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Not really sure what the confusion is over the crate. This kind of thing is available in TONS of mobile games and really all over.

It’s how pretty much any subscription works, from Netflix, to Amazon prime. You sign up for a subscription and it auto renews until you cancel. Lots of places offer free trials first to get you hooked or in hopes you will forget to cancel. Maybe this isn’t common outside the U.S.?

Now, if the subscription is worth the $20 a month or not is another story. I don’t think most of the offers in mobile games are anywhere near what they try to charge, and I especially wouldn’t pay $20 for a small chance at something. For that kind of money I would hope for a decent guarantee and then a decent chance at a good reward, increasing every month dramatically.

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Thanks for the response