Customization should be part of the endgame

tl;dr I want Hero customization further than just skins.

I’m at that point where I am starting to feel the first stages of being burnt out i.e. having those thoughts in that all I am doing are chores for a smidgen of progress. All I am doing on a daily basis for this game is the same set of quests in nearly the same order every time I load the game for the day. I just don’t feel like there’s any end goal aside from receiving stars, bars, fragments, and materials for whatever Hero I feel like leveling. Aside from that, there is nothing else to look forward to bar the chance of getting a new skin from the Skins crate every now and then.

Which brings me to my argument: for the endgame, let’s have some customization features for the Heroes in which players are able to show off that their Heroes are unique to them. In my opinion, the endgame consists of customizing my player characters in such a way in that other players can see that these Heroes are mine.

I have made a lot of jokes about me wanting an Operator wearing bridal attire but that’s just me wanting to show that this Operator here is my Operator.

On a basic level, customization could simply be a palette swap like many of Green skins do for their respective Heroes. Select the Heroes helmet, select “change palette,” select a new color, and bam, Operator’s helmet is now orange.

On a more advanced level, customization could involve doing specific tasks requiring a Hero’s skills. With Operator again: a task for, let’s say, the UAF version of his helmet could be “heal this much amount of damage to UAF or UAF Airborne Heroes.”

My second argument relates to the bonus stats given by the skins.

The bonus stats given by the Skins as of right now should not a thing tied to Skins. Instead, as I have probably mentioned before, the bonus stats should be tied to a permanent item equip for each Hero. Items should be split into two categories: Hero materials and Hero items. The items dropped by missions and event rewards should be placed into the Hero materials category, but rare, mission or event unique drops should be placed into the Hero items category.

The Hero materials are what is used now for upgrading bars and the Hero items are permanent, slot-filling items that take the role of giving bonus stats that are currently being given by the Skins. A button on the side of materials bar can take you to the Hero items bar. There would be six permanent item slots just like the materials and each item can be swapped out for another at any given time. Items can give their own stat increase, and these stat increases would be equal to the amount given by the skins (1%, 2%, etc…).

But why? Well, what if I want my dear Operator to be a critical king? I could have six Hero items that give a critical hit/damage stat bonus and Operator would just be doing critical hits more often than others.

As I mentioned above, with a critical king Operator, I would have other players witness that my Operator will use RNG to the greatest degree to annihilate his foes. That my bridal gown, orange helmet, critical hit king Operator is tearing their team apart (hypothetically).

As for the players that have already unlocked maximum bonuses from their skins, and update like this would give those players Hero items that have bonuses that match the stats the Skins have given.

That’s all I got. I hope these made sense.

Your thoughts? Critiques and roasts are genuinely the best feedback you can give me.


That’s been a long post to read…Lol
I like the idea anyway


That’s been a long post to read…Lol

Yeah, I know lol. But that’s because I genuinely like the game and would want to see it become more awesome every monthly update.

Thenk yee

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This is the best ide i have seen in a very long time

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll be sure to pass them along.


Liking the idea, and liking our shared love for the best character in the game. +1

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Umm, if you don’t mind me asking, when will you announce the next update? I’m not being pushy.
P.S. I know its off topic, but i dont know how to message you. Thank you for understanding

Things are coming soon! Keep your eyes on the forum! :eyes: