Make original skins relevant again

Skins are great but problematic due to the stat bonus. I am not against stat bonus tied to a skin but it makes it totally irrelevant to use the original skins once you unlock one that makes you better.
Simple solution would be to remove all stat bonuses tied to skins. But as I said I’m not against the bonuses per se. So just simply add a different stat bonus to the original skin. Like Dogface. His patriot skin adds armor, crit. chance and damage. So make his original skin add elemental damage, healing% and fire rate. Or make the skins decrease other stats than the ones they’re adding to. It would make original skins relevant again.

I am not sure you need to change the original. Just when you add something on a skin, take something away as well. The original would be neutral.

The thing is, Skins like Nightingale’s don’t have any drawbacks either, and it heals her too. It would need to change, for anyone to ever not use it. This was mentioned in a different post. I cant recall what people suggested for it.

Here are a few suggestions I thought of, which i am not saying are good.
maybe even a couple of them.

It heals herself, could that be removed (don’t want it to damage her, that is a Moss thing), maybe do less for herself? Make it do, even less, healing than the original, and/or take longer to charge?

It is a wave, could it heal allies closer to her faster, and take a bit to reach others (need to be able to only heal each character once, I could see people running with the wave lol)? How about healing less the father the wave actually goes?

Or making it only heal a certain amount total, the more characters healed the less it heals each? Love the skin myself, and would even without the healing change.

Just some thoughts, if total crap, feel free to say so.

I suggested an option to just disable the skin so it defaults back to the original skin regardless of what is equipped. This would give the skin bonus but still let you choose your appearance.

If skins didn’t provide bonuses, or gave negatives with the bonuses, there wouldn’t be much reason to go for them other than the visual. If that was their goal they should have just left skins a cosmetic thing and not added stat bonuses at all.

In my opinion, skins should make the heroes different, not better, than the original skin. Whether that means purely cosmetic or, in my opinion, a better option would be debuffs along with buffs, Adding another layer of strategy to the game.

I dislike the idea of debuffs for skins, because it could lead to the exactly same situation.

People could avoid using well-made, cool skins because their debuffs made them worthless.

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I was meaning that skins buffed in one area are debuffed in another to make up for it. Like do you want a super healer Nightingale with less damage and armor or vanilla with less healing but more stopping power. But after reading your comment again I kinda get what you are saying. What if you like the buffs of a certain skin but hate the look? Or love the look of one but hate the buffs and debuffs? So you kinda get stuck with possibly choosing between awesome looking skin with buffs you hate. Maybe purely cosmetic is way to go? But I still believe that skins should make heroes different, not better in every way to vanilla. Whether that difference is purely cosmetic or not, I’m up for debate. But vanilla skins are going to be obsolete once you unlock a skin for that character the way the game is now.

I also dislike the idea of buffs for skins.

I am currently forced to play with a purple Fortress that I don’t really like, or have a Fortress that is not as strong as it could be.

I would personally suggest skins to be purely cosmetic, but I doubt that is going to happen, so alternate solutions could be

1 - Make skin bonuses permanently active as long as the skin is unlocked (This would lead to heroes with lots of skins being stronger than those without skins )

2 - Add a “hide equipped skin” checkbox on the skin screen, just like some RPGs have a “hide helmet” option in case you wanna show your’s character face. (This should be easy to do, but kinda defeats the whole purpose of the skin system, and would create confusion with legendary skins, since “default skins” could be using upgraded skills)

3 - Adding debuffs to skins, as you mentioned (This wouldn’t solve this issue, because even if you add debuffs, therre is guaranteed to be a “best skin” for each character, stat-wise. And everyone will end equipping that one)


Yeah I like my Butter army green not navy blue. But those stats are almost too good to pass up.
But yeah, all the solutions have their pros and cons. I’m starting to think the best thing would be purely cosmetic skins and keep buffs as separate “equipment” system, for lack of a better word(can’t do gear, already taken). I kinda like the idea of equipping different “epuipment” to change stats and even change abilities. But I don’t really want it to be a part of skins. Maybe they could separate skins and buffing mechanic? They wouldn’t really be taking away a feature, which would be a pain and cruel to anyone who has spent real money on it already. They would just be separating the skins from the buffing mechanic.

I like the idea of skins have different effects on the game. Even with the nightingale skin from this patch, its a cool way to play her and makes her bronze useful in situations where her original wouldn’t do well.
Even with the common and rare skins I have no problem with the stats added on to them. The majority of them are almost negligible in their effects, meaning you are never going to notice a difference because the bonus stats are small enough to not be game changing, but act more as a reward for obtaining that skin.

Ill take the fortress for example, I have him at gold with the skin at its base level so it grants an extra 2% of damage. A lot of people would see this as broken/why are they adding effects to stats but when you break it down, it adds an extras 126 damage to my shots. If you are able to unload a full clip in Pvp (32 shots), that’s an added 4k damage. The match is usually over before your at that point and its such a little amount of bonus damage compared to the health of heroes at that rank I just don’t see how someone could argue that they “lost” a match due to someone having a skin and them not having it.

I see the bonus as a well earned reward. The only ways to get the skins are from placing in pvp events or from avidly playing the game long/hard enough to 10* a hero and use his extra frags to get the skins. Either way your investing your time and energy into overall improving your game experience.

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