Option to turn off skin display

I like the implementation of the skins, but I’m not a fan of the stat bonuses. To me, the point of the skins is to customize your Hero and add some variety. The problem is, now that skin x adds y ability, everyone will use that skin for that bonus. Now we no longer have variety and some of the original models are covered over.

Some of the new skins I like, some I dislike; de gustibus non est disputandum, however I would like to propose an option to display the either a new skin or the default skin while still receiving the new skin bonus. This could be expanded to a dressing room like option where one of muktiple skins is displayed while the value of another skin is actually at work behind the scene.


I get what you are saying, but I think this is partly because there are so few skins currently. When more are added, and you have a few per character that give flavor, it wont be as bad.

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I know what you’re saying but there will still be a “best” skin, stat wise for each hero. Everyone will eventually gravitate towards that skin for the stats and once again, variety is lost.

If I, arbitrarily, prefer the original Clyde skin, I have two choices, play with the skin I don’t like or suffer the stat hit and play at a disadvantage so I can enjoy my original Clyde skin. So option 2 isn’t really a viable option if I wish to remain competitive, thus I’m “stuck” with the new Clyde skin, like it or not.

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To be honest, when I learned skin were giving bonuses to stats I was expecting said bonuses to be active regardless of the skin being equipped or not.

That would make skins boost just like getting a few gears for the hero while still allowing us to customize their looks.

It would also solve the fact that almost nobody is going to level up a skin of lesser rarity (why would I level up a Nightingale common or unconmon skin if I already have her legendary) and it would reward collectors, giving more value to skins.

Since skins are not locked behind a pay wall, I don’t think it would be a problem.

What I’m trying to say is that I would personally like bonuses to be active always, but I would gladly accept a 'hide equipped skin" checkbox on the skin screen as a solution, since I have exactly the same problem with that bright Fortress

Being forced to play with a skin you dislike defeats the whole purpose of skins as customization items


That is why some people in another thread were saying, they thought they would have some kinda drawback too.

Like OK give them more health, but lower damage or something like that. I don’t think the devs said they would do something like that, but it would make it so the original non-skin could compete.

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In my opinion, that wouldn’t solve this problem.

It could be the opposite.

‘Oh, I love this Clyde skin, but reducing his damage will reduce his effectiveness as a glass cannon. I will use his default skin that I don’t like as much because it doesn’t hurt his role as damage dealer’

Wasn’t recommending that for him in particular, but could be done on any character. But the option to not use it, is what skins need. They should be flavor enough, that if you don’t use it, then no big deal.

If you don’t need to show a costume, and keep its bonuses, in what way is it then a ‘Skin’? I could see skins separated into 2 things, Mods and skins, where the skins are purely cosmetic.

I agree, once you get the skin you should get the bonus regardless of which skin you wear. So an on/off switch would work, and it is what I would do.

Because, honestly, I don’t really like any of the skins, but I apply them because I want the bonus and I’m not always controlling that hero anyway so I don’t care that much.

I can see why characters have these new skin stats. It’s a way to buff heroes just a bit without a potentially breaking update. It effects middle to top level players and doesn’t hurt low levels. It adds more strategy to know if someone has a stat boost or not.

However it would be smarter if there were no stat boosts and skins were just skins. In all other games the revenue from skins are sometimes the only way devs get paid. This isn’t what I’m suggesting but take a note from games with super success. Skins should have a price. People should be able to pay for them. They should also be farmable as they are. And they shouldn’t cause any harm like the stat boosts are causing. Add a stat boosting element elsewhere and keep skins as skins. And build a pay fence if you wish. It would make us happy and make the devs more money. Skins are never supposed to increase stats. No AAA game does it this way.

I agree that as it stands, no one will wear original skins anymore unless they like it so much they are willing to take stat hit. In my opinion, the two ways to do skins are:

1:Each skin gives a few buffs to stats but also some debuffs to others. For example, Nightingale’s new one could buff healing and heal all instead of one ally, but damage and armor are reduced, so a trade off. More healing = less damage and armor.

2: Skins are purely cosmetic.


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