Danger sim

Can anyone give me the order to complete each boss wave after wave 21 till wave 50?
The order and team comp would be really helpful.
NOTE: I have all the heroes!!!
Thanks in advance

it all depends on your team < what level, star level, ruby/plat/gold, etc… >

i ran a combo of serial, kiyoshi, hive, mat, krieger; but all my guys are ruby. that team may not work if you have a mix of gold/plat.

The team i used throughout was hivemind, Kurtz, Xian, Striker and Klayton.

But yeah, depends on your level, star power, rank, and the guys you choose until you pass 50


If it can help I used Serial, Razorback, Matador, Krieger and Kiyoshi.
For the normal rounds you can go in automatic, but the boss rounds you have to do them manually.

Use hivemind. Serial. Heimlock. Phalanx and any good support. Each one of these greatly improves your chances!

Irezumi, fran, Duran, heim, and phalanx. Enemies, MELT.

Ruby Serial, Krieger, Lancer, Kiyoshi and Siren. Just put on auto and speed up 3x until level 51

Carabina, if you keep her protected, can boost your entire team’s damage output enough to power through the Gorgon, which is where the biggest challenge is. Even 5 charges of her gold/plat are enough to get your team an edge where it counts.

I used Carabina, Marlowe, Hivemind, Duran, and Brogan to get through the Simulator.

Posting pictures of ur roster makes it easier for others to help you.

With gold +4, My brother is stuck at wave 35
Any suggestions

What roster he’s having? Attaching his heroes list could get better advice from others…

Sorry guys but I can’t attach pictures :expressionless:
But he has,
plat: 4cep,heckler,hivemind.
basically everything else is gold +4
yeah. Hard to believe but true.

It won’t be easy getting through the sim without having plat heroes.

Another suggestion is he has to choose various combination for each boss wave… Look into the enemy’s element and counter them…
And try to plat Kiyo and Krieg so it can be paired with Hivemind… His drones stay even when the wave change, so it’ll automatically triggered Kiyo and Krieg skills too…
All dead heroes revived after u finish a boss wave, btw…
But, yeah… Having a plat skill could turn the battle around…

Reached lvl 95 (but failed to passed) on single run using this : Serial, Kiyo, Krieg each on ruby; Hive and Halo each on plat+4…

Wave 35 is full of mechs. Steele, operater, caine, beck, and anvil.
He couldn’t kill them in time.
Always one is left at the end

Well, because we don’t know his roster, maybe the combo between astrix (or his best bio DPS), heim, kobold, buckets and 1 of the shielder/ reviver/ healer could help…
Try to kill caine and operator fast and then the rest…

Harbinger?? Is she ok??

While it is hard without full plat you can use the team I used on my lowest acc. As for the space shivs is in swap her out for the best damage of the element that has the advantage. P.S as seen in the picture I have not gotten through 45 yet

don’t use duran. he slows zumi if he applies the buff when she has her charges

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