Min’s Danger Simulator: Wave 40

Ridiculously difficult for me. I’ve tried it dozens of times. With Françoise and Brogan being Buff Central, on top of another tank (Gammond), Dogface, and Salvatore (more of a pest, really), beating these guys has been impossible. I feel like I know what sort of team I should use, but they all need to be like, at least 8 stars for me to stand a chance. What do I do?

Kill borgan with dog face 1st then dog face with maven and game over… Also u need to try and try as Salvatore is very tanky and Francoise also gives him buff…

tbh I beat 40 and 45 on autoplay while I wasn’t looking at my phone. It took maybe 6 or 8 tries each even with 8*+ heroes, though.