Strategy for 14-8 Hard

Been struggling a lot with this stage and would love some input from anyone that’s cleared it, especially with that pumpkin lurking around on 14-9.

Tried many different team comps, including all-mechs and various Halo configurations. But those energy bombers in wave 2 are relentless and wipe my entire team out within seconds.

Not sure what enemies I should focus on either. If I go for the supporters (shielders/healers) first, the bombers take me out before I even get to them. If I focus on the bombers first, I can manage to defeat a few of them, but there seems to be an endless supply of those waiting in the background. So in either case I’m totally chanceless.

Here are my top heroes I’m working with:

Any ideas on what heroes to use/upgrade and other types of tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Siren for multiple attacks…halo for support… mandrake invisibility for protection… matador to shield and heal and Caine deflects attacks… good luck

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Thanks for the tip, seems like a solid team! Tried it and failed again, but this is probably the closest I’ve gotten so far. Will give Caine a few more promotions and see how it goes! Cheers!

Or try swapping Caine with mauler or hivemind. Just get his drones running and siren should do the rest

I used Beck, Wesson, matador, flat and Francoise. you can also use kaishi, kuno, phalanx, matador and flat. Keel could be a good option for francoise

I leave you some examples

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions, will do some more tries with them tomorrow and see how it goes!

My Hivemind is a little behind, but tried Castellan for (I guess) similar effect, and some damage absorption/shielding.

Interesting to see Astrix ending up as the MVP with so many energy enemies! Have plenty of bio frags laying around, so I guess I could 10-star her or perhaps Francoise or Kaishi, which are all at 9 stars atm.

My first intuition was to use the typical mech damagers like Kunoichi, Dogface and Panzer, coupled with supporters like Keel, Matador and Flatline, but that only got me so far.

Keep at it m8… good luck

Surprisingly enough I just 3* it. Mandrake, dogface, wesson, matador, and razorback

Thanks a lot! Just finished it now with your suggested team. First attempt after promoting Caine. :smiley: Also passed 14-9 with the same lineup, with Matador being the only casualty.

Massive thank you to both of you @Matrix and @Chequerown10!!

Great to hear, @tollboothkyle! It’s a pain of a stage, that one! :+1:


Gettt innn lad… well done m8

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