The time of the bullet and the blade is nigh!
Two studios, old and new, preparing for the fight of their lives.

Are you ready for the most epic of matchups, Studio vs The Players.
This Thursday (13th of January) 10 AM PST DECA and Hothead will be joining forces against YOU!!

DECASTATION IS HERE, if you think you have what it takes to take us down come and try.

Just take it easy on us guys, half of us (DECA side) are pretty new to the game okay.


To clarify - this will take place in VIP chat! Be active during the event, and we’ll send a challenge your way!


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Unfortunately I won’t be available at the time of this event, but I’m happy to see it nonetheless. :+1:t2:

I’m taking credit for the name Decastation… lol


So you’re saying i have a chance to win this time?

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Hope to see this game go on for DECAdes :slight_smile:


I am assuming that it is again ONLY about the English-speaking VIP chat?

Y’all had to go pull this old man out of retirement. sigh. Seems I gotta show these young DECA whippersnappers how it’s done.

Battle has sprung upon us once again…



Finally a worthy opponent!

Looks ominous :laughing: I’m still a pretty noob in this, so yeah, this will be an interesting event :joy:


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I hope someone has already made our Deca devs aware of our Legendary Master before he slaughters their heroes.

Hi Everyone!

Due to some unforeseen technical issues, the DECAstation event has been postponed until tomorrow (14th). Not to sound like a broken record but with the transition going on this was one of the things we were afraid might happen.

This would’ve been so epic that the system couldn’t handle it, but we are working tirelessly to have everything ready and bring you this spectacle.

I swear we were definitely not afraid and looking for an excuse to prepare better.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and hopefully, we’ll get to meet on the battlefield soon.

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One of my friend said he saw Roland as a dev.

I wonder if someone managed to defeat him in decastation or not.
Anyways, I’m convinced that hh is in great hands now.
Blessings of Roland upon you all:)

I am the best always , whom ever the opppnent player is

Maybe you can try next time. The event ended few days ago

I’m not so sure about that.

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