Upcoming Events (July 18 - July 24) Updated

Hello Hunters!

Let’s see what next week has in store for us. Here’s some :ice_cream: while you read.

Vengeance Co-op Raid
July 18 - July 22

Brawl: Elemental Wars
July 18 - July 19

Solo PVP Blitz!
July 19 - July 21

PVP Tournament: Valkyrie and Briar
July 19 - July 21

Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz!
July 21 - July 25

Brawl: Faction Fight
July 22 - July 25

Venom Guaranteed Blitz!
July 24 - July 31

See you in-game!

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Yummy ice cream! Also when are we getting a new spotlight? (Ps, I know it’s taking a while but Ty for giving us events while we wait! Gives us things to do!)

23rd is new dojo. 2-3 days after update release there’s a new coop raid for new heroes. Which means say the 20th is update. So expect it in 3-6 days
This isn’t confirmed. Just a speculation


It nice at least we have something to keep us busy while we wait, Deca is really improving :tada:


Where is new hero spotlight? Is deca planning to not release a new hero?

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Patience, it is coming “very” soon, not much delay now, expect it very soon

Good afternoon!!! because you do not inform or anticipate for us regarding the new update!!! from what I’m seeing it will be another 1 month late!!! uffff…

Tomorrow start blitz frags!!!

We are working hard on making it happen. We don’t want to share any dates for now because we want to be certian before we start hyping you all up. I hope you understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many new heroes. Soon tm

If there’s one thing this and previous generation doesn’t have it’s gotta be patience. Like really, it’s not an art or anything

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Put em in a black room with no light or sound and they will lose their mind within 5 minutes

I’d go meditate instead. But if you don’t have patience you also do not know how to meditate

Them; mechi-di… wait did you just invent a new word? I don’t think meditation exists?

I mean you could compare developers and HH Constantly had an update every month on time maybe a few days off. Not so much with DECA it’s just “eh it’ll be ready when it’s ready”

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Let’s all be honest, they don’t want to say things if they turn out late, that amazing that they learned that and applied it so fast, good job deca,
They wait for updates to be ready before releasing them so they aren’t a buggy disaster, amazing because quality over quantity is great for the game,
They constantly give us things to do while they refine the game and make it better each and every day! This is just the best game and best team of devs who run it, they learned so fast and are working so hard, so some people need to stop complaining and learn “P A T I E N C E.”


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