February 2022 Event Calendar


February is already here and, with it brings change. I humbly present DECAs first Event Calendar, It is not the prettiest but please check out all of the information below!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content are subject to change.

Solo Blitz

1 - 3 Feb
15 - 17 Feb
18 - 21 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)
24 Feb - 3 March (NOT ON CALENDAR)

Alliance Blitz

10 - 14 Feb
25 - 28 Feb

Co-op Blitz

22 - 24 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)

Solo Raid

14 - 18 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)
17 - 24 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)
28 Feb - 05 march (NOT ON CALENDAR)

Co-op Raid

12 - 25 Feb
17 - 24 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)
21 - 25 Feb (NOT ON CALENDAR)
25 Feb - 11 Mar (NOT ON CALENDAR)

PvP: Tournaments and Brawls

4 - 7 Feb Brawl: Faction Fights (Magistrates)
15 - 17 Feb Tournament
21 - 22 Feb Brawl: Elemental Wars (NOT ON CALENDAR)
22 - 24 Feb Tournament
25 - 28 Feb Brawl: Faction Fight (Morlocks)


18 - 21 Feb

Don’t Forget about Daily Raids!


Forgot about the astral and void daily raids on the weekend

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it’s not even the most beautiful…they took away the war…they just put a bounty…where are the incursions?..they are really discouraging players


Instructions are very clear, literally

Seems like there’s a a lot of things happening on their end.

Could someone from DECA speak to explain the reason for the reduction of events?.. They have to give a plausible reason and that everyone understands and agrees with the arguments.

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Guys it hasn’t even been a week since DECA took over with their latest update.

How about we give them some time to acclimate instead of immediately ruining the dev/player relationship? They’ve been incredibly generous with gifts due to issues that popped up.

Is that something we can do or do you want DECA to dump us like HHG did? Cripes.


Of course my young man, I even understand the withdrawal from the war this month with the tight schedule but remove 1 bounty that I don’t understand and another would be much easier for them to maintain the previous standard and then gradually implement the DECA system but not change that way there are events that could have stayed


Seeing the Calendar schedule, so the next events will be for Morlocks faction…

Let’s get real here folks, yes, they just took over, but it’s not like they are a new employee at an office job. Mergers and acquisitions take time and planning. You get things lined up before jump. Thats just how sound businesses do things. I’ve been through good M&As and bad M&As… and this one has the external view of one where the planning and preparation were lacking.

Hoping they pull up, but this doesn’t bode well…

And the whole argument of ‘oh my if we’re mean they’ll run and dump us’… No body’s calling names, nobody throwing tantrums… just expressing honest, clear, and concise feedback and frustration on items that should have been simply keeping the lights on.


War has never been on the monthly calendar

War hasnt been on the calender since dinosaurs became extinct.

Plus it wasnt an actual update, only to swap servers over. Hence why when everyone updated it then showed DECA.

And lastly you all moaned about HH and how crap it had become, give deca a chance. We are not even a month in and they clearly cared enough to push the update back to try and give us the best one they could.

They cant do any worse then what we ended up with.


Since when did we have anything about wars in event calendar? War will be available when they release the update. :person_shrugging:

no new hero and update because some are complaining of having new hero again, just listening to the fans lol

Meg on the forums! Am i dreaming?

It currently feels like the game is out of order. Communication is the source of all misunderstandings - non-communication is too.

Its because they are still settling in

How did they lose there account? If they didn’t back it up then that’s there fault

Hey look, if they want to get rid of war and only have one bounty a month I might stick around longer. Lol. Give them a chance guys.


To put you all at ease, we’re not getting rid of anything, and if we do, you guys will hear about it first. Sometimes delays are necessary, in order to provide a good service, and that is our hope with this!