Delete button

New delete button is in a bad spot and very large makes switching accounts very difficult


Deca please fix or see to this as a matter of importance.Many of us are venting in Vip chat.I have sent a ticket into support and many others have as well.I am unable to access my 3rd account due to the new delete account option(which I am not in favour of either as I might accidentally delete an account).Why would I want to delete my account?Do you now need me to leave?Please have a look quick.


For the time being. It is a sensitive button. Try scrolling down and spamming where the button may be. You might be lucky to get it

Update. It’s really easy to do. I can grab my 4th account

My issue started after the update

Get lucky?Lol stellar empathy


Not the most helpful of comments. There’s much more chance of getting unlucky and deleting all accounts. It needs fixing


You need to have the fattest thumb to accidentally do that. (No offense)
And honestly, what else can i tell you? I don’t have a magical solution. I’t’s the most helpful comment you’ll get bud.

Lol Sprite isnt a bud
My thumbs are not fat and i can only see 1 alt account its very difficult to scroll through
It may be the dif in phones that we use that determines how much scrolling space there is
Its something that needs rethinking by DECA

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What do you mean sprite isn’t a bud? Everyone is my bud. Women or man. Enemy or friend

I said this the first time I saw a screenshot of it, there are basic rules in UI/UX and putting a big catastrophic button in the middle of a page many people frequent is a bad idea no matter what. The button belongs in settings or at least at the top of the page in the dead space above the connected accounts text, that is dead space that nobody ever clicks on as they don’t need to.

Placing buttons like that in areas that people have muscle memory of frequently clicking is a bad idea


A more helpful comment might be “I don’t know why that button is there as I’m not a dev despite regular comments suggesting otherwise”

I’m tiny, thumbs included and I know I’m gonna hit that damn button by accident. Okelly didn’t post to get unhelpful suggestions of fat thumbs and poking buttons in the hope of getting lucky. I suspect he posted to point out to the devs that it needs fixing.


It’s the humbleness of devs that they aren’t allowing you to waste time on more accounts. Acknowledge the positive side & don’t be pessimistic here.

Delete buton is a good update but creae problem for me
I have 3 accounts and due to update my third account is hidden and scrolling is not working


Hey. I conveyed everyone’s feedback about the button to the devs.

Please don’t worry about deleting your account, since the button only redirects you to support and doesn’t automatically delete it.


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