Important Message

Hello Hunters!

We at DECA believe that the players are the most important element in any of our games. That is why we do our best to provide a fun and safe gaming environment for you all.

Part of that is ensuring that there are no activities within the game and our communities that could have a harmful impact on any player.

With this in mind, we would like to let everyone know that DECA does not tolerate any form of harassment, threats and attacks against its players.

Anyone who engages in such activities has no place in our community and in our games.

Please be respectful to each other and abide by the rules so that we can all enjoy the game.

Thank you,
The DECA Team


Harassing threats and attacks? Those don’t sound like the players y’all deserve, sorry to hear this is happening deca,


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I totally agree with you bulls.eye!!!

Why don’t you put more effort into fixing the game and coming out with timely update versus going into a third party discord server and banning people indiscriminately.

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CMs and developers don’t have the same jobs lol they can do different things, simultaneously. Just for the record.


Are you ready to further explain your claim and support it with evidence? Please keep in mind that baseless accusations are also against the rules. Because currently it looks like you are either accusing us of banning people on a third-party server or banning players without reason. Both of which are not true.


I hope people behind the scene working for the improvement of the game become as effective in their work as people putting censorships.


Can you share where it says one can’t accuse baselessly

I believe “censorship” is a strong word. One individual or a company cannot censor another. Everyone is free to create and maintain their own platform where they can talk about anything they want. Us not wanting people who harass others is far from censorship.

We are not in a courthouse, this is not a trial. This post was mostly created to reiterate our stance on harassment, threats, attacks and so on. However, if you still insist on asking why it’s not okay to accuse someone of something they didn’t do, these are the rules of the forum: Rules and Guidelines - Updated. A baseless accusation is considered an attack and can be covered by the “Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree” section or at the very least it is rude and can also be covered by the “Always Be Civil” section.

Pardon me, I am not good in English & it’s not even my 3rd language but, I’m trying to improve. You can replace the word “censorship” with some other words which sound subtle.
Also it’s in the rule to respond about the content of the post instead of it’s tone : ) but, anyways
All, I’m asking about smoothness of the game I don’t know what made you made a post about this but, I don’t care about others, I don’t know them & they don’t know me. I’m being totally selfish here & hoping that game improves because it’s about my comfort. Don’t know who got chat banned, kicked or banned from anywhere as it’s none of my business. I might sound rude again in this post but, I’m a nice person. Just assume it’s the language barrier.

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I understand, it’s okay. I don’t doubt you’re a nice person. Smoothness of the game is another topic and I agree that we have a lot ot improve.

Although I totally agree there is no place in this game for harassment or hostile behavior, I have to agree with lazycommander that the issues within the game itself has created lots of tension among players: some are DECA worshippers, but some are haters. If the game is improved, some of these issues might just go away smoothly. The point is improving the gaming experience should be the top priority

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thank you deca for your attention, but it is not fair to compete with players who are legendary level 100 of 3,000,000 against a legendary level 93 of 1,500,000 they have to change the branch of the players, put ruby ​​level 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 to be fair with the players thanks

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