Destroying a minmaxer

So I basically used up all my heroes for this event I tried this against a sandbagger actually funny

edit: for those who are saying im a sandbagger: as i said this was my first match and the reason i won here was lucky bronze skill and last clip headshot twicem he is the how can he not be the sandbagger with 8 star flat and other heroes above 7,

Dude, YOU are the team on the left side.


What? YOU are the one sandbagging. His team is perfectly balanced. YOU are what’s wrong with PvP right now. I can’t believe you’re actually proud of using cheap tricks to get an advantage. And you barely won too :joy: Guess you have to resort to garbage like this to have a chance at winning. Nice work revealing to everyone that you’re terrible at PvP lol.


I’m very confused. Your opponent is perfectly balanced. You? Not even remotely close. Everything about this is wrong. You did not destroy your opponent, you barely won. You didn’t beat a sandbagger, you are the sandbagger. The post itself is almost unreadable. This makes me sad.


dont cry and read the edit there is no way of losing with this team if you manually play this team will never win against cc team or just a guy that plays manually, have u ever lost against 5v1 when you meet a 10 star dogface or maven ? no then stop crying

What? You just said and I quote “there is no way of losing with this team if you play manually.” You then proceeded to say that I’ve NEVER lost to a team with one 10 star plat hero, JUST LIKE YOUR TEAM. That’s called contradiction.

Oof now to destroy the min-maxer psss it’s you

whoops here to flag his post ?

  1. You are not making any sense.
  2. YOU are the sandbagger. Clearly you don’t understand what this term means.
  3. Why are you attacking people for calling you out on your bullshit?
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This is too hilarious. I have nothing much to say and I will continue ROFL.



Alright I am done laughing and have to say something now.

The way matchmaking works is it matches sandbagger and min-maxers with higher power team. Hope this will give you a hint on who is the sandbagger/min-maxer here and what intensity of sandbagging is being done here.

You know why Flatline is 8* and the rest 6-7*? She’s easy to farm. Butter and Panzer you can’t get except for creates. I don’t know if your opponent has a 10*, if they don’t then they would have a very limited amount of elemental frags so a couple of star differences is to be expected then.



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What the… this is sorcery!

But you know what Krat I think you might be right… reading these ‘top quality’ posts makes me depressed…

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u friging minmaxer
y u blame other people for what u did

You never said that.
On the contrary you said you already used up all your heroes.

Whhhhaaaaatttttt??? Do you even know what you said?? Lets clarify this, the account on the left is you, obviously your opponent is on the right. Your opponent is well balanced as for yours is almost far to be balanced. Your only plat hero is the one who get the most damaged to your opponent which makes why it is the last one standing and you also barely won… And most of all, your topic is off… You didnt destroy the min-maxing user, you are the min-maxing user.
So? Any objections from you?

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