Dev-astation 4!


It’s time to test your mettle against the developers at Hothead Games once again! Welcome to the fourth installment of Dev-astation!!

We’ll be challenging you using the PvP Duels feature on Friday July 27th from 11am - 12pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Come and hang out and hunt with us, we’ll be streaming the event on our twitch channel.

Click here for our Twitch Channel

New Format

This time, we’re using a new and improved format. No more bots. No more searching for developers, hoping to get a shot at a prize. Direct matches via PvP Duels, a queue system to save your place in line, and a guaranteed reward whether you win or lose will make this the best Dev-astation yet!

Join us on Twitch, queue up, and wait for your shot at a developer! Details on how to do this will be provided live, on Twitch, during the event.

Note: You will need to sign up for a Twitch Account in order to participate in PvP Duels with us!


This time, if you square off against a developer, you get a prize, win or lose! All players who battle versus a developer will be awarded an Exclusive Portrait. However, if you win, you will also be rewarded the “Dev-astator” Bundle.


  • p4 4th Gen Dev-astation Portrait!

"Dev-astator" Bundle


  • One prize per person will be handed out to those who beat us.
  • Winning a second time against the same HHG member, or against a different HHG member, gets you bragging rights, but no additional prizes.
  • We will be sending you your reward through the in-game inbox
  • When your name is pulled from the queue, we’ll invite you in-game to a PvP Duel. If you don’t accept within two minutes, you’ll lose your spot, and we’ll move to the next person in line!

Congrats to our 72 Dev-astators (plus all of our participants)! Remember to check your inbox to claim your Rewards. :crossed_swords: :trophy:


So, cause I didn’t followed from the 1st devastation, let me get this straight.
If i want to participate, i should open twitch at the time of the event, right?
How di i queue and how do we battle in twitch.

Sorry sorry, i know this is a noob question :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! :slight_smile: Come on twitch at that time and we’ll talk go through instructions!

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This time I’ll get you.

So using twitch is mandatory to play this devastation?

I was gonna ask but I didn’t want to comments in a row and I never thought about editing my already existing comment. I hope Twitch is not mandatory. I don’t even know what that is.

Yeah, just to sure, haha

Yes, this time you’ll have to tune in to get a chance to play versus one of us.

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Plz someone tell me how to join or register

Hey Guys, just want to repeat some information for everyone.

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Hello Hunters!

To clear up some confusing I have added some information into this post. Here it is for you guys in the comments :slight_smile:

Note: You will need to sign up for a Twitch Account in order to participate in PvP Duels with us!

I downloaded Twitch and registered and found you and clicked the heart and sent a friend request. I hope that’s enough to get a chance to shoot at some of you.

You’ll be able to join a queue when we go live tomorrow.
Just tune in when we go live and all shall be revealed! :slight_smile:

Alright, already on Twitch and ready. Hope i don’t get the time wrong in this time zone.

Who played and who won?
I played and I won.

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I was a huge fan of the way this event was executed compared to past Dev-astations, with the Twitch and the queue-system.
Great job :slight_smile:

Only suggestion I have for next time is to make a command that allows us to see our place in the queue.



I played, I lost more than I won. :sweat_smile:

I played vs Howitzer and I won

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No Panzer fragments and gold for you! But you get the emblem, ololol. It was a great fun little event, thanks!

@Poobgloob, i agree, this way we know what we’re doing, I was so glad I could fight this one, the store closed 3 minutes after I left😂

Doing the dishes and making a beer run is hard when you see you’re in the que.

Thanks devs for this awsome improvement!!!

Also thanks for the Nightingale, Butter, halloway raids I love it

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