Dev-astation 8! Battle Developers and Win Prizes!


It’s time for Dev-astation! Face Hero Hunters developers in PvP Duels to win an exclusive portrait, earn prizes, and prove your skills!

When Is It Happening?

Developers will be ready to face off on Wednesday, March 31st 2021 from 1pm to 3pm PST! Hothead developers will be challenging players in English VIP Chat!

How Does It Work?

  • Be online and active in English VIP Chat during the time slot.
  • Let us know in chat that you want to duel a dev!
  • Wait for your invite from one of the featured developers! They’ll be members of the Hothead Games Alliance with the HHG tag.
  • If you don’t accept the invite when your turn comes, you’ll lose your spot, and we’ll move to the next person!
  • After the battle, wait for your prize! It will take us time to send out prizes, so please be patient. Any Frags you win will be available to claim in your inbox. Portraits are added directly to your Portrait menu.

More Details!

  • Please note that players who have shown themselves to be positive, upstanding members of the community may receive priority. Not every player is guaranteed a chance to face off against a dev, and we may choose participants randomly depending on the number of participants.
  • PvP Duels will be set to Ruby rank.
  • Duels are best of one match.
  • One match per person! That means per person, not per account. If you own multiple accounts, only one can get a match! If time allows (which historically, does not happen often) and you get a second developer match, you won’t receive extra prizes, just bragging rights.
  • We’ll try to get to as many players as we can. We may not get to everyone! Be ready for your invite, as if you don’t accept it, we’ll move on to the next player.
  • Spamming us, inviting directly, or getting salty is a no-no, and your request may be ignored!
  • Inviting a developer directly will not allow you to jump in line or guarantee a spot. Please wait for your invitation.


All players who Duel with a developer will be awarded an Exclusive Portrait . However, if you win your match, you will also be rewarded the “Dev-Astator” Bundle .


  • portrait_dev_8 8th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!

"Dev-Astator" Bundle

  • portrait_dev_8 8th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!
  • crate 10x Phantasma Fragments!

We hope you’re excited! We’ll see you on Wednesday, March 31st!


If you’re one of our Community Stars, you can join Skathi in the Hero Hunters community Discord for a special pre-Dev-Astation event on Wednesday, March 31st from 9am to 10am PST! You can still only get one match total against a dev, but this is an early opportunity for our Community Stars to get a match and earn a portrait.

If you have the Community Star forum role and want to take part, join the Hero Hunters community Discord server (invite link here: Once there, send a message to Skathi on this forum letting her know you’re a Community Star, and give her your Discord ID. She’ll get you set up in our special channel. Make sure you do this before the event, or else we can’t guarantee she’ll have time to get you in!



Dang I’ll be out of town then

Time to show off some new tricks of mine!

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I know i won’t win, but I’ll be happy to get a participation trophy🏆

Never seen a better reason to spend money on a a game. Just wondering, what are the levels that you guys play at? Like to you even it to ruby or just play at however high you have leveled your heroes.

you are my next target

The pvp fights will be set to ruby rank. So everyone will be even on that aspect.

Gg Skathi lol. … excited.


Yes! Finally i shall meet a worthy opponent again! Good luck to everybody. May the best win!:sunglasses:

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How exactly do I become a community star lol !!! How about the 30,000$ I spent supporting this game over 5 years does that help me get a little bump up plz!! :hugs:. Also how do I change my real name to my game name Baddfiish

Kill it all of u agInst

community star is not about how much you spend. to your second question. you can’t change your name on forums to my knowledge

Good match Skathi! Better luck next time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






I want the portrait of a crown :crown:. Started the game late and I don’t have that. Please. :pray: