Dev-Astation 6! Battle Developers and Win Prizes!


Ever since the dust settled from Dev-Astation 5, and our brave Hunters began searching through the rubble for survivors, you’ve been clamoring for more.

Your wish is granted! Prepare for Dev-Astation 6! Challenge Hero Hunters developers in PvP Duels to win an exclusive (and this time, quite shiny) portrait, earn prizes, and prove your skills!

When Is It Happening?

Developers will be ready to face off on Wednesday, August 12th. This time, we’re offering two time slots to maximize potential destruction:

  • 9am to 12pm PST – Live streamed on the Hero Hunters Twitch Channel! Featuring Skathi!
  • 1pm to 3pm PST – Come chat with us in English VIP Chat! Featuring Toebeans and more!

How Does It Work?

  • Be online and active in English VIP Chat during either of the time slots listed above.

  • Let us know you want to fight in chat!

  • Wait for your invite from one of the featured developers! They’ll be members of the Hothead Games Alliance with the HHG tag.

  • If you don’t accept, you’ll lose your spot, and we’ll move to the next person!

  • After the battle, wait for your prize! Any Frags you win will be available to claim in your inbox. Portraits are added directly to your Portrait menu.

  • If you don’t make it in during the first time slot, you’re free to try again for the second, but you can only get one dev match total across both sessions.

More Details!

  • Please note that players who have shown themselves to be positive, upstanding members of the community may receive priority. Not every player is guaranteed a chance to face off against a dev, and we may choose randomly depending on the number of participants.

  • PvP Duels will be set to Platinum rank.

  • Duels are best of one match.

  • One match per person across all available sessions! If time allows (which historically, does not happen often) and you get a second developer match, you won’t receive extra prizes, just bragging rights.

  • Inviting a developer directly will not allow you to jump in line or guarantee a spot. Please wait for your invitation.

  • We’ll try to get to as many players as we can. We may not get to everyone! Be ready for your invite, as if you don’t accept it, we’ll move on to the next player.

  • Spamming us, inviting directly, or getting salty is a no-no, and your request may be ignored!


All players who Duel with a developer will be awarded an Exclusive Portrait. However, if you win your match, you will also be rewarded the “Dev-Astator” Bundle .


  • portrait_dev_6 6th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!

"Dev-Astator" Bundle

  • portrait_dev_6 6th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!
  • raid 10x Krieger Fragments!

We hope you’re excited! We’ll see you on Wednesday, August 12th!


Nice Portrait!! Glad to see you guys changed it up and customize. Thank you.


Amazing! Cool portrait to, excited to fight the kings/queens of this game

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Aww yeah YALL HEARD IT RIGHT THE BRAVE HUNTERS THIRST FOR MORE!!! BRING IT ON!!..also i love the change up for the portrait…exactly what I wanted and so does the rest of the community!
I am 5-0 to the devs rn haha! Dont make me lose!


Skathi’s time fits me, it’s nice to have 2 time slots for it. :bird:

Batman: The Animated Series Gif - ID: 166648 - Gif Abyss

I am vengence. I am the night. I am … Jado!

I challenge the great and powerful Muninn!

Batman the series GIF - Find on GIFER


Cool portrait. I have zero confidence, so you won’t see me fight. But good luck to those that will

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I promise not to insult Skathi again heh


At last my vengeance can be taken.
I challenge all Devs in a one 1v1 only Galante.


I concur with Usmarine . Well done HH


Thanks for covering more time with a second session, I have work at 4 PM ET so I wasn’t able to make the last Dev-Astation.


I think it is unfair for us who are part of the Portuguese chat vip not to be able to participate in events like these, do we not have the same values?

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Though it is not the official supported channel, I would highly reccomend joining the Discord server so you can try and request a duel if you cannot enter the English VIP chat. The devs were online last time around and I am sure if you are polite and patient they will be more than happy to duel you.


The post from last devastation

Just the way its gotta work for ease of use for the devs and English is also a very common language around the world and most can speak it therefore the English server is easiest


Very nice, I’m coming for you @LordNikon you can’t stop me! I am a force to be reckoned with!


Yes yes yes yes new portrait to earn. Alarms set for midnight . Hope i will get invite. Also that portrait looks so good.:v:

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How you guys adding gif

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Sorry devs but I really need that portrait and frags…give them now! Lol


Yes, now i can test my dirty setup on the developers!


English is international language, players from all over the world are on english vip (me included). Better try switching to english vip if thats somehow possible.

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