Dev-Astation 5! Battle Developers and Win Prizes!


It’s time for the return of one of our most-requested events, Dev-Astation! Challenge Hero Hunters developers to PvP duels to win an exclusive portrait and prove your skills!

When is it Happening?

Developers will be on hand on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 from 1pm to 3pm PST to challenge players in English VIP Chat to PvP Duels! Play against the developers to win prizes!

We’ll be initiating Duels from 1-3pm PST.

How it Works

  • Be online and active in English VIP Chat on June 17th, 2020, between 1pm to 3pm PST.
  • Let us know you want to fight in chat!
  • Wait for your invite from one of the featured developers! They’ll be members of the Hothead Games Alliance with the HHG tag.
  • After the battle, wait for your prize! It may not arrive the same day, but when it does, you’ll be able to claim it from your inbox.

Note that players who have shown themselves to be positive, upstanding members of the community may receive priority. Not every player is guaranteed a chance to face off against a dev, and we may choose randomly depending on the number of participants.

PvP Duels will be set to Platinum rank . Duels are best of one match. Inviting a developer directly will not allow you to jump in line or guarantee a spot. Please wait for your invitation.

We’ll try to get to as many players as we can. We may not get to everyone! Be ready for your invite, as if you don’t accept it, we’ll move on to the next player. Spamming us, inviting directly, or getting salty is a no-no, and your request may be ignored! Read this section again! Commit it to memory!


All players who Duel with a developer will be awarded an Exclusive Portrait . However, if you win your match, you will also be rewarded the “Dev-astator” Bundle .


  • portrait_dev_5 5th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!

"Dev-astator" Bundle

  • portrait_dev_5 5th Gen Dev-Astation Portrait!
  • raid 10x Torque Fragments!


  • One prize per person.
  • Winning a second time against the same HHG developer, or against a different developer, gets you bragging rights, but no additional prizes.
  • We will be sending you your reward through the in-game inbox.
  • We’ll invite you in-game to a PvP Duel. If you don’t accept, you’ll lose your spot, and we’ll move to the next person!
  • Please do not directly invite developers, as we will not be accepting direct invites. Follow the instructions under How it Works .

Looking forward to my first dev-astation battle… Hope to get a chance to duel

will you be active on the french vip chat? ?

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So cool! This will be my first Dev-astation! (I only recently bought VIP) :wink: I hope I get the chance to fight one! Like I always say, your guys are awesome! :grin:

I have a question, are there more VIP chats? for example Spanish and English ,.

what will be the key word to let developers know that we want to fight them

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Yes, this is not what we wanted, but what we needed

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Amazing I can’t wait. Something to look forward too. So great.

I wanted this. I’m glad it’s happening. :wink:

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My first question would be, as already asked by another, are you as a developer in other VIP chats, or is it just about English speaking VIP chats? The second question, are these times correct for the European area?

Good luck to those that enter

Sweet! Hope to absolutely wreck face! :joy:

Ooh can’t wait to play, been waiting forever to get that portrait. Hopefully I get a match wirh Nikon :partying_face::sunglasses:

How about VIP chats from other countries? For Example Russian. This chat include not only Russia, but all countries from USSR (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc). This is too many peoples for ignore them.

How about players who don’t may see any chats?

How about chat limit, because all messages don’t save and if will be many participants requests to join just dessapere in wave of spam?

We’ll be playing in English VIP for ease of use. Sorry to our overseas friends! We have limited times during a 9-5 work day to run events like these.


Didn’t the last one run through twitch? Thought that was easier for you guys.
Thanks for putting it on though :slight_smile:

we can replace the vip chat with discord, so many players could participate.

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People choose not to use discord, it would reach more people on the native chat system that everyone can access than move it to a thrid party chat app. Even though in game chat excludes overseas players


This is ideal variant for all

unfair, only english vip chat

YEEEESSSS I CAN Have me a fancy smanshy portrait like @Raz finally!!!
Love it HHG love it :grinning: