A malicious stealer Steals Health from Enemies and converts to Faster Cooldowns and Powerfull Attacks.

  1. Devoured: Steals Health From The opponent and Converts it into 50% of a skills cooldown and Distributing to a Random Ally.

  2. Locked In: Locks himself into a Stable Position Then Fires a Devasting Shot that Consumes 35% of The opponent’s Health and Converts to Lowest ally and makes the opponent Stand in Place for 15 seconds.

  3. Sucksion: Randomly Consumes Opponents Health And Distributes to Damaged Cover.

  4. Energized: When this hero kills and Enemy he gains a charge of Energized. Each time an ally uses a skill he Distributes a Charge of Energized to a Random ally which charges a random skill to 85%

Silver skill seems a bit overpowered. May need to reduced the life drain percent but not a bad hero concept.