Hero Suggestion: Severo

Faction: Nomads

Name: Severo (Corrupted Assassin)

Description: A deceitful ally. Deals damage to allies to promote survival of the fittest and boost enemies for a while, but then backstabbing the enemy in a flash.

Weapon: Uzi Machine Gun

Ammo: 20 per clip

Element: Mech

Health: 354K

Damage: 5K

Skills (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Distraction (Bronze): Targets an ally, forcing them to [Taunt] the enemy. All damage will heal this hero after the effect ends or when the ally dies.
  • Switch Sides (Silver): Targets an enemy, healing them 1,100 health per second and improve all healing done to this enemy by 50%. After the effect ends, deal the exact same amount the enemy has recovered to the enemy, returning to the previous remaining health, distributing the stolen health equally among allies and the targeted enemy gains [Lifesteal]
    • Enemies inflicted with [Lifesteal] will receive 5,000 damage per second for 10 seconds and the inflicted amount of damage dealt by [Lifesteal] and other damage will add up and is distributed among allies.
  • Backstab (Gold): Any ally with 5,000 health left is killed instantly and this hero gains 20,000 damage for 4 seconds.
  • Double Trouble (Platinum): Any positive effects the ally receives is reverted to this hero. Also, boost 3,000 damage for every positive effect the enemy team receives. The extra damage is depleted when no positive effects are on the enemy sides.


  • Huge damage dealer to the enemy team
  • Huge survivability skills
  • Big troller in PvP


  • A huge gambler in PvP because of his skills does damage to both sides
  • Risks other ally’s lives to boosts his own

Note: I tried to be more balanced with my suggestions


Can’t exactly say Im a fan of this. I’ve clutched a bunch of pvp games or campaign games with less than 20k health. That doesn’t seem like a good idea to kill them off like that.

So reduce that or scrap that out completely?
Or increase the damage? Plx consider that a uzi machine gun shoots very fast (same speed as the old Saphyyr) and 4 seconds can shoot 5, which actually deals 150K in 4 seconds
I also did mention that this hero is not fit for PvP

I just feel that wasting a hero as soon as they get to low health would be counterproductive. In the long run, letting them live would probably be more helpful than killing them for a buff.

I will change him to fit that suggestion in

Maybe change gold skill to increase damage against enemies below 20-30% health.

Maybe, but it defeats the point of this hero dealing damage to both teams
It’s better to keep this gold or reducing it to be more balanced

Also just remembered, the silver skill does support the team by healing but this might be a mediocre healing skill or the most useless healing skill. On the bright side, this hero trolls just for fun with the silver skill