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Hi Guys - not sure if everyone else is getting bored of people constantly creating topics relating to subjects that have previously been raised (I would love it if this itself has been raised lol), so my proposal to prevent this is simple.

A dashboard or glass door so we the peasants can see what is on the DEVs agenda and what isn’t. Example below:

And I realise the forum attempts to prompt you as to the existence of similar topics…

@Howitzer :grin:


This looks like a list of deliverables a boss gives to a worker. Didn’t know HH works for us now…


It’s good.

this will help reduce useless posts like; nerf halo getting 4 different ones, or the fix the PvP or the fix (insert stuf we complain about here)

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This wouldnt help, because the ones, not searching for an already existing thread, would ignore this list, too.

And there would be even more threads like “its on your agenda since 2 month, why isnt it fixed/changed/inplemented yet?”

Its not that i dont like the idea, but it wouldnt help to prevent useless threads

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I know it’s not gonna happen buddy, I just wanted an excuse to mention @DanielAma12 exam results!

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Dude my exam is great I’m just grade up I swear


Fine @KOMODOCHAOS I’m grade up grade 11 (the truth)

OK guys and friend and @KOMODOCHAOS listen in exam I won’t share the exam again I meant score exam

OK I’m not results in my exam

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Did you pass then Daniel?

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Woah woah woah - let’s keep the exam updates on Play Friday until Sunday cause exam

Wouldn’t want to confuse my beautiful post here with such important news as Daniel’s exams.


OK I’m fine I show my exam @KOMODOCHAOS

Yes I past then @Kraterios

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OK @fine @KOMODOCHAOS OK sorry about that

Awsome Daniel!! Good work

OK my bro and friend

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