Please if you can explain

This game has been awesome with a lot going for it, but a lot of people have been asking for new stuff new maps new ideas more for the game we all have come to love.i understand that due to legal reasons any idea submitted by the commutity can not be applied to the game. Otherwise than that why is everything that is happening to the game so secret? I feel like us as a family to the game should be able to hear the new things about to change, and the new things to expect going forth.

New ideas promote more people to go the extra mile and hang in there for whats coming. I wish som3 of you would keep us more filled in on the whats gonna happen rather then in the dark about it.


Yeah i hate that as well, instead of giving us a sneak peek they are keeping it secret

People who work for game studios are generally required to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). We cannot share upcoming things we’re working on, unless we get permission to do so. When we do tease upcoming content/updates, we like to do it closer to when it’s going to happen, as we don’t want you to wait too long and become disappointed. Sometimes things get pushed back, changed or no longer pursued, so we make sure we know if and when something is happening before telling the player base.

What I can say, in regards to upcoming content, is that we have a lot of great things coming up this year, and based off what we’ve been reading in the forum, we’re excited for all of you too see it :sun_with_face:


If thats the case @Skathi why cant you guys put in a request to induldge us with what you guys have planned? In my eyes its only hurting the game not keeping us informed or voting on new best alot of players concerns have been dismissed or not even informed on. Just saying it would be awesome before we wait too long and see nothing that helps us want to stay.
On a side note we were told last year to expect alot of new content and ideas and all we got was alliance wars. As they are great and all. It was kinda a letdown when we were expecting something more from a game that has so much potenial.

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I hope fixing bounty is one of those things, people love it but we get more and more bored of it.

I honestly think you guys that are complaining about the game need to quit playing it like you’ve threatened to do. I’m not being rude but honest. Think about this - do you know of any type of industry that tells you what they’re working on before it’s ready to release? They do the same that the movie/music/entertainment, etc industries do. They give you enough to get you excited each and every month and then they release it in a timely manner. I personally don’t want to know what they’re working on. And as for new game modes, alliance wars was great! And I don’t see it getting boring anytime soon. But bounty, I agree 100% on. The rewards need increased dramatically for the time you put in to reach an outrageous score. On the same note and one thing I will complain about is please quit asking players to spend dollars on a small amount of bounty recharges. Bring back the bundles with large amounts of bounty recharges that require gold.


What do you think trailers are from movies?

So you want a “trailer” every two weeks then? Because they put out updates monthly unlike a lot of games around.

We’ve tried it before, and when we had to pivot on a plan we had already announced, it was chaos. You can say now that you won’t be mad, but that’s because you’re trying to convince us to do exactly what you want. That’s not a promise you can keep.


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