Did anyone recieved the tiers rewards?

Hi everyone,

The triers rewards from the donation milestone were supposed to arrive on Nov 7th but now it is Nov 9th and have not received it yet. Just curious if anybody else recieved anything yet?


They never said the donation milestones will be given out on the 7th.

“NOTE: Milestone prizes will be sent out the week after Extra Life’s Game day (Nov 7th, 2020)”

I believe this means that Extra Life’s Game Day is the 7th, so we can expect the donation milestones to come sometime this week :slight_smile:


Sometime this week, guys. Please be patient. I promise, you’ll get your rewards.


I got something in my inbox which says…

Holiday event expired… For milestone rewards… We got milestone 1 last night,for donations milestone rewards, I heard some players already got that so, maybe it’ll come soon in ur inbox… don’t know about the rest! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Holiday Event Expired is not the same thing.

Your donation rewards are not the same thing.

To be clear: milestone rewards for ALL PLAYERS are what we’re talking about here. And they’re coming, I promise.


I received them today.

Same, got them today. Thanks!

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I got it :sweat_smile: yesterday :relieved:

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