One of my advent calendar days got skipped... did it happen to anyone?

Been logging in pretty much once every few hours for the past few days since the start of December for bounty. But somehow my advent calendar rewards was skipped on 3rd December, straight away to 4th December. The reward is just 10 gold but it makes me feel unhappy… did this happen to anyone else of you?

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I received the 2nd gift 2x, got 5 halo frags x2

is that bcoz of VIP stuffs u got 2x?

No, I got the same reward 2x in a row.

So 2nd and 3th December I got 5 halo frags.

Sorry bad use of words, I see the confusion it caused

oh well thnx for clarifying krat !!! see u ingame

Uh! I’ve gotten:
Day 1: 3 XP
Day 2: 5 Halo frags
Day 3: 10 Gold
Day 4: 1 XP

I would like Halo 2 days in a row also.

I had the first one twice, I got the first one twice, then the halo frags and the gold. I am at the third atm

Hey everyone. We’re working on a fix for the advent calendar weirdness. Should be fixed soon!


What did ya’ll get today?
I got 5 Pris. :slight_smile:

5(?) Gold xp or just one? But gold xp for sure :sweat_smile:

XP :confused: Screenshot_20181204-183112

But did you already have XP since before?

I hope tomorrow I will get Brogan or XP.

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No first xp i thought

Is there anyway we can look at history of what we got each day ?
I’m really sleepy when i open up HH first thing in the morning and never notice.

I had the silver xp, so the first reward twice

It seems advent calendar give prize with different time. It happened twice now. I got 1st day reward twice and 5th day reward twice. It skipped to 3rd day and I expect it will skip to 7th day. What I notice is that it only happened when I logged in near daily reset time. It didn’t happen when I logged in about 7 hours after daily reset time.

well i thought its normal because i got the first Day 1 the 3 XP twice in a row and skipped the halo reward i got non of that

Do you still want us to send in a report ticket for this issue?

I missed the 10 gold reward

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