Helpguide for underrated heroes

There are a lot of heroes in this game that no one pays attention about, most likely because they don’t know their purpose or know how to use them, I want to set a guide here on to how to use some, if you have a suggestion, sure post it and I’ll add it

-Brogan, brogan is a support hero that is able to provide insane buffs for the team, while his bronze isn’t his strongest point, his silver is, it basically cleanses negative effects and all the positive effect your brogan has will be copied and sent to all allies, meaning that for example you have a vanguard shield, the strongest in the game, you use the silver and EVERYONE Including vanguard or whoever gets that insane shield, you can get very creative yourself with this to

  • oro, yes I know he just got buffed, but still people don’t know how to really use him, he is supposed to be restricting areas and putting enemies under pressure especially when he is low, as now he get strong pretty quickly and can definitly change the tides of the battle

-pris, yes i know I talk a lot about her, but people still don’t see her purpose, pris doesn’t deal insane damage like a damage dealer, but she uses her abilities to weaken the enemy and set them up for some insane damage, for an instant, I have a briar in my team, whenever she roots someone I throw the grenade but the grenade is supposed to be a opportunity, don’t concentrate on it or try to combo it with beguile, what is the best about her, is her ability to annoy the opponents damage dealer, her beguile makes them weaker and constantly stuns them, if you can set up all buffs she can easily turn the tides of the battle

  • vanguard, oh yeah this dude, he might not be the best shielder to start the game with but oh, he is STURDY, he has massive defensive abilities and especially his platinum, if you have anyone who spawns in additional allies make his shield charge up so quick, combining that with his defense, he can be an insane pain for the enemy

  • baron, I don’t often see people using baron but he is very great on different setups and a lifesaver, combine him with cinder to destroy all cover and get her bonus damage and hp as soon as you can, then besides that, keel has the ability to heal when cover gets destroyed, if you have her and your medic is getting low, shoot some cover for some good healing, also, baron himself is a great asset for your team, his damage might be considered low, but remember how sturdy he is and how such great hp buffs he can get, also, not to forget the fact he is able to constantly shoot and stun and annoy your opponent, you can basically punish people for going into cover and constantly exposing them, making him a really good combo and also a good punisher,

Carabina, carabina is probably one of the most underrated ones here, she is insane, especially in co-op raids and also decent in pvp, what she is all about is her bronze, the best way to use her is to pick out targets that are either weak or that are bosses, for the bosses you will get insane damage boosts, and the even better thing, when the enemy dies they give buffs to all allies guns, making even healers strong, then also a trick of mine :wink: when you use her silver, switch cover and start either reloading or shooting as for some reason the ability will continue, so you can dish out insane damage

  • galante, we all expected him here, but actually, it is pretty decent, not only at making coffee, also at tanking, we all know he has small damage output but he is mainly meant for pve in my opinion, with his explosive damage on his gun he can damage multiple enemies at once charging up his bronze super fast, his bronze is most of the fun, as either against one target ITS insane damage, or being quickly able to weaken an insane big crowd of enemies, basically, he is the master of crowd control

  • surge, surge is not known as a damage dealer, but actually, combining his gravity wel with the gravitation surge, he starts to add damage per second to the enemies, greatly restricting their movement, besides that, combining him with halo and his gun he is able to disable and dish out insane amounts of damage

  • bucket, some people see bucket as a suicide hero, but she is not, if you can keep her alive at up to 20 seconds when she gets strong, she is able to taunt enemies. But that’s not her biggest point, her silver, her silver pulls up all enemies in the air and provides the team with a moment of rest, giving them a shield and some insane healing as long as they are up, being able to heal the team back to full making her able to make a comeback

  • xianjui xianjui is meant to increase the number of allies on the team while building up massive crit damage and crit chances, making his gun fairly strong against all elements, while the best way to use his silver which increases the strenghth or his gun is to when the clones are low on health, sacrifice them for an even greater damage buff, he might seem weak at first but when he uses his silver he can become devastating

  • shank, while shank might seem underwhelming at first, he becomes the play when it comes to annoying the enemy, while he is a great combo for heroes that spawn weak allies likes drones and clones etc, whenever these DID he regains skills, as his bronze can be charged up quickly and annoying his silver can also be a really good way of stunning, when teammates die he regains those abilities allowing to constantly stun the enemy, while being an even better combo with shivs with her allowing him to deal massive amounts of damage, shank can really be the play when you want to play tactical

  • francoise, while most knowing she can heal, its not all she can do, fran her power comes to play with sharing is caring, whenever she drinks her silver that makes her gain massive amounts of hp, evade chance and also damage, her bronze allows her to share all the positive effect with an ally, making them insanely strong, also, a bonus is when you use it on shotgunners, you can make heimlock or butter into a killing machine as my 9 star heimlock can deal up to 300k damage a shot if powered up, and then imagine being playful with brogan, sharing it to ALL teammates

  • fischer, we all know him as our suicide diver, but actually, he isn’t that bad at all, he is mostly about his grapple hook, making Fischer a hard to kill target makes up for the damage he does to himself, his grapple hook is simple, if you have like 400k hp, if the enemy has either higher current health or max health, Fischer removes 50% of their hp, and then adds 50% of his hp at that moment to the enemy, so if you on high level, on a 800k matador, that would mean 400k plus your 200k, making him be able to take that little moment the enemies are vulnerable to turn it against them

  • yanglong, yanglong is definitly not popular, but also not bad, he deals a decent amount of damage himself but his strenghth is being a sitting duck waiting to strike, his silver allowing him to heal and make himself sturdy, is definitly soemthing to consider, as he can get up to 75 or even more damage reduction, plus, he shoots through shields, so imagine your just tanking there and see a butter that’s low on health, you just start spraying on him and there’s nothing he can do about it, then also his mortar is insane if you just want to shrug off hp

  • mauler, mauler seems like he doesn’t dish out great damage, but that’s not always the point, mauler is all about stun and disorientation, his gun only already allows him to disorient and when he gains crits om disoriented enemy’s they get even stunned, and his hammers are also a combo if thrown from bronze to silver, they stuns for an insanely long time and deal big amounts of damage, combine him with halo and they are probably the best way to counter any team because of the insane damage and stuns

-anvil, anvil deserves a spotlight, basically, he just absolutely eats shields, and he is insane at it, the best way to use him is just shoot off all shields and maybe even when their shields are low use his silver as the extra 300% will count towards hp if the shield was to low, whilst damaging he makes shields for himself making him an insanely sturdy guy, if your tired of butter and kobolds, here you go


Like what you said here, these heroes are used less because there are better options rather than not knowing how to use them. But your points stand, however, you may have posted this into the wrong section. Community gallery is for things like fan art and hero concepts, this is more of a general topic :slight_smile:


Sorry my bad, finally I made something decent yaaay

I would add Carabina to this list, since she works really well in Co-Op and campaigns.

The one hero I would truly love to see buffed is Klayton. For the love of Godlante, give him a 200% health boost, and make him the tankiest hero in the game!

WILL DO, check back when I’m done

Klayton is THE worst new hero so far, dies too quickly and doesn’t deal any damage even with his skills (I mean, 2k damage at plat for his silver?!?)

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That’s why I think a health boost would do him good. He doesn’t need to deal a ton of damage if he’s able to soak up an obscene amount of damage. I would honestly like to see him become a walking shield (If he had 1.5 million health fully upgraded I would totally take him more seriously on the battlefield.)

He has mate, he has insane hp, I honestly think that the only thing they should add is more punishment for shooting his hp

It was clarifications of these missing heroes something very important and accurate I liked that and thank you for the explanation and Fill out some of the missing information I have !
I hope everyone not underestimate something that he did not know well and delve into its advantages

I agree with francoise and mauler being way underated. Mauler w/ franc passive is like a permanent stun. But he cant stun through shields so he gets hard countered by butters and castellans pretty hard.

Carabina is kinda on the fence for me. She has a great team buff at plat, but its tricky to get a lot of the perma stacks that help her to snowball.

Baron is great when he doesnt taunt, his plat cover breaking is unmatched. He also has pretty good synergy w/ a keel and cinder.

Yanlong sucks early but gets really really tanky if he is ignored. Hes got great cover breaking and a trollishly high dmg bronze that can surprise enemies. Unfortunately, castellan is better in the late match and once castellan turrets get the missiles he deals so much dmg.

Prophet is also another really strong late match hero. If he gets a few stacks of his silver he pops enemies and has a crazy long stealth if he gets a kill. He also looks like a hedgehog so, gotta go fast.

What about Salvatore how do you use him in pvp he is such an underated hero that doesn’t seem to get any love or buffs

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He got a huge buff not that long ago, he is way more explosive now

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But he is not viable on pvp ? If he is in your mind recommendations for a particular lineup would be helpful his design is great and I feel like he could be a popular hero

Salvatore doesn’t quite fill the meta,he’s more built as being a support dps with buffing chems and increasing enemy element intake

More like a bounty hero, Heroes like Astrix or Odachi fill the chem dps role better than Salvatore

He can be very useful for PVP, he isn’t a huge DPS toon but he can make the enemy team run around meaning they can’t shoot you. Plus his silence lasts a long time, he can be useful as a cover fire hero similar to how savage is.

Yes that part of the dps am not bothered by I just want to know if there is a particular way to make him a better overall hero his abilities are still easily dodged

Then the question is what would be the lineup for him ?

Not really, Salvatore is salvatore, use rooters like surge

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Mmm then what about this lineup: Salvatore , keel , surge , and a dps hero , a frontliner and healer