Secret hero: Brogan

The mytserious hero named “Brogan” has been a myth in discord for few months when pvp duel became a thing.

Someone in discord posted a screenshot of hothead dev, @Omnipotent, commenting vip chat that Prophet, Artemis, and “Brogan” are lucky heroes in hero crates.

Many of discord members were super interested that Brogan will be a possible 7 star mech to complete the elemental 7 star trifecta in the game.

As the time passed, the Brogan rumors and myths were almost dying in discord server, but thanks to the district 11 september update, I was able to spot the Brogan graiffiti, realizing that Brogan was real. @GCAA, was able to spot the brogan graffiti as well, in the mission where helio is first fought.

In mission 11-6, I saw an orange graffiti drawn on the bottom left of the entrance board of the lawgiver stadium.

Two Screenshots below:

was what it said.

I made a quick theory that he provides guns to those who demand guns, and specializes in gun smithing/selling.
Also he seems to be a very related to dogface, who is a gun mechanic as well.
Additionally, both are old. Perhaps they could be brothers who worked for kurtz around zero day.


Well, hes clearly going to be magistrates

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Crazy how this isn’t getting more attention.

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