7* Heroes: Rarity vs Capabilities

Would love to hear from the devs on this one - @Muninn or @Huginn

Based on the rarity of the 7* heroes, one would think they would be some of the best all around heroes in game. However, they are average at best and don’t seem to excel at much of anything. You can build up some of the 3* heroes to be much better overall than the current three.

Is there any reason for their meh-ness? Does the exclusiveness mainly act as a collectible or will they see better capabilities come to them in the future where they actually serve a more well-rounded purpose in a team?

Could you imagine how pissed people would get if prophet/artemis/brogan were plat ronin or launch panzer OP?

People already complain about OP heroes, they would lose their minds if the only way to get them was through loot boxes.


First, wasn’t saying to make it OP. Just saying make them useful. Right now, they barely have any synergy with team makeups.

Second, have you ever played any card game, collected cards, or anything of the sort. All the card type games are the same nature. People spend money in hopes of getting the rare cards to make their decks stronger and better than others. Don’t think anyone is throwing a fit in those gaming circles when they are matched up against someone with rare cards. Everyone has access to loot boxes. It’s not like they are saying you can only buy a hero if you spend $50. They give everyone the chance to roll the dice and get a hero. And everyone gets free gold from time to time. So the opportunity is there for everyone.


Artemis and especially Brogan have crazy sinergy, lol. Don’t say nothing about Prophet – not obtained him.

As someone that has worked in game content balancing, this is a very common mistake that people make when trying to understand video game balance. Rarity does not equal power. If it did, that would further wedge the divide between high-paying players and free/low-paying players. If the best heroes were gated behind what is essentially a paywall, what would that do to the health of the game?

The strength of the 7* heroes is exactly that - they are 7* by default. Nothing more and nothing less. It would be poor game design to give them any inherent viability boost over any other hero.

Rarity does not (and should never) translate directly to power

Edited to add that this is in relation to games like HH where acquiring the content (heroes in this case) isn’t driven directly by game progression.


A common thing new people think is that when they see a hero that is classified as “rare”, they assume they are fricking powerful, and they are. For a new person. When you get to higher levels, unlocked some heroes to plat, upgrade their stars to the exact same stars as the 7* heroes, they ain’t as strong as they are compared to your 7* 1-bar plat Dogface. True, the damage the 7* are strong, but the power remains not at the rarity, but the perspective of each player. Plat Artemis can one-shot Clyde, but Plat Dogface can obliterate Plat Prophet in matters of minutes (I tried, trust me) and Brogan, for a 7*, the damage is underwhelmed.

All 7* have higher default damage than regular heroes on same stars.

Appreciate the insight. This does make sense.

Perhaps I’m just surprised that the three heroes don’t truly synergize well with other heroes as can be seen in various styles of gameplay. Only place I see them being used is in campaign and during faction events when they get bonuses.

What? That is most certainly not a true statement.

I think a good 7* is one that fills a very unique “niche” within a roster, one who is exclusive and rare on the battlefield. A “more-useful” 7*, however, is a pay-to-win model.

This heroes just very rare. So most of players don’t have they for experiments. When they pop-up – peoples need hard work for leveling they to their base teams. So only few peoples do that.

Test this himself. Or you don’t have this heroes, lol?

I registered here only to say that you are wrong when you claim that 7* heroes have higher default damage than other heroes.
I have a 8* Brogan, platinum +1, fully upgraded at level 85. His damage is 15.507 regular and 13.368 mech. His rifle deals 5279 per shot and 28.975 damage per second.
Now let’s pick a random “regular” hero at the same level to compare with.

Wesson? Sure. 18.945 regular damage and 15.157 mech damage. 5664 damage per shot and 34.102 damage per second.

Sapphyr? Sure. 18.757 regular and 20.949 energy damage. 9212 per shot and 39.706 per second.

Clyde? Sure! 20.188 regular and 18.074 mech. 23.913 per shot and 38.262 per second.

There are also “regular” heroes with less damage output than Brogan but let’s agree that your statement is false and that base star level does not correlate with damage output.

7* hero’s are not very useful

I don’t have all of them but I have Artemis, guess what? Only use her in Gauntlet, and Bounty which is over now, she is a good marker with decent damage output, but useless in PvP and PvE

Wrong? You are comrare heroes with diffrent element and classes, lol. Brogan a sniper class and mech. So Clyde, Wesson and especially Saphyr it’s no correct variants.

Before few last months Ronin was a garbage hero for majority of players. If you don’t see how use 7* heries in cirrect way it’s completely your problems.

Brogan is not a sniper dude. Do your homework before you try to tech us stuff.
I compared him to a few random heroes at the same level, nothing more than that. Two of them was the same element. Just admit your mistake instead.

Please tell me how to correct use Brogan because I tell you, he’s bottom tier for me and nothing else than a rare trophy. I try him in 10 different teams and he doesn’t bring anything game changing into any team. But you’re the expert of the sniper hero Brogan so please let us know how to use this sniper correctly.

Brogan it’s rear line. All rear line is sniper type heroes. Even if someone don’t use rifle. But if you think what same element make equal diffrent classes it’s ok.

For your request – who you are what I need do your homework instead you? Use free game in PVP and experiment with team cast. Or wait when this combo turn up next meta.

You are making stuff up now. To be a sniper you need to have a sniper rifle aka. Dogface and Hardscope. I have more use of these awesome 1* heroes than I will ever have of Brogan. They deal more damage. I can not make a fair comparison of stat numbers though since my Dogface is 10* and Hardscope only 7*.
I am not sure why you are defending Brogan like this when you have been proven wrong already.

I have, as I said, tried using Brogan in several teams during the last months to no avail so if you wanna spill your secret information on how to utilise him I’d be glad to learn.