Sorry but Oracle already needs a nerf

Sorry to be annoying and bring up the dreaded nerf word, but Oracle is already a ridiculous hero.
I have played around 200 games so far with her in the PvP event, and about 95% of those Oracle was MVP by an absolute mile, whether on auto or manual, mine or the enemies. She is double other hero’s damage and also the top healer.
Her weapon is very strong with a fast reload. Her skills are almost always game over when they go off, and they also heal! Her disorientating effects are malfunctioning, triggering multiple times throughout matches and also stagger.
Orbital bombardment usually wipes The entire enemy team - as they all have to run around avoiding getting hit they get destroyed by your other heros and can’t retaliate. Maybe this is the cool thing about Her, but combined with everything else it’s too much.

Here’s my suggestion:
Coordinated strike should only reduce the cooldowns of ONE allied hero, not all of them!
Her skills should not heal at all. She is already so strong it is unnecessary.
Fix the platinum skill - disorientating is one thing but combined with a stagger while triggering multiple times in a match is brutal.
Even orbital bombardment alone seems a bit too powerful but I think I’ve said enough.

Let me know your thoughts, cheers

Yeah the heal at least feels a bit out of place.

The Platinum skill could be abused a lot, just by downmatching sometimes I’ve taken out a couple before even the setup phase.

Oh god… Another victim to the nerfhammer


She’s fine and people haven’t still figured out how to best counter her.

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You say her Plat is bugged and keeps triggering and then ask for a nerf.

Oracle doesn’t need a nerf. She needs a bug fix. Once her skill isn’t bugged anymore, we can talk about her being too strong or something. But if 40k damage rockets keep falling over and over, is a given her damage is going to be insane.

You can’t balance a game based on bugs

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Oracle’s Platinum ability has a bug in it which is getting fixed in the next update.

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What does the bug do? I haven’t Platinumed her (or any character) yet.

Her Platinum doesn´t only drop at the beginning, but randomly(?) later in the match and more then three. They seem to be triggered by her Silver skill.

Her platinum activates at the start of a wave. In PvP that should only happen once. But when she activates her Bronze skill, the rockets (they hit hard) keep falling over and over.

Her platinum does around 40k for me. Doing 120k damage at the beginning, is strong, since it can help you burst down someone before they use their own skills. But the rockets falling endlessly, staggering and disorienting everybody on the enemy team was unintended.

I think it’s the Bronze one. At least it is, on my matches. The first player to cast her bronze wins the battle lol

I always confuse Bronze and Silver skills. Meant her Bronze of course.

After playing her quite often at the spotlight tournament I´m more and more convinced, that she needs a slight buff. Her Silver skill just takes to long to activate. Shes an stationary target while casting and if shes hit after two or three seconds, there are just two or three lightnings raining down, which are easy to avoid.

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