Do the higher up players need more?

Hello hunters! I got a Q for y’all;

Do the higher up players need more?

Allow me to define my definition of more.

  • More Pvp Brackets
  • More War Brackets
  • Better Rewards in higher tiers
  • More features for top tier players
  • Ways to use the stockpiled cash, heronium, elemental frags, and other junk y’all have that never gets used.


If this gets enough votes for yes, then I will pull out an old concept for some ideas to improve top tier players experiences!

So, is Top Tier just lacking in general?

  • Yes, top tier players need more
  • No, the game is fine the way it is currently

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(One random idea from the concept;
In the higher pvp brackets, in events such as the “Brawl: Faction Fight” or “New hero + other bonus hero”, the higher brackets gets frags for the new hero, especially helping with the collecting of void and astral frags.)


Seems most of y’all think I should. I will polish it and release it soon, thanks for answering the poll guys!

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