To those at the top of the rankings, what else is there to do up there?

I’m talking to the players with every single Hero at 10 Stars, Platinum+. Aside from becoming exceedingly more powerful with every Hero Fragment obtained and gathering all the prize tiers in the Events, what else is there for you?

I mean, you guys now have ultimate bragging rights and the ability to tell other players to “go commit get gud.”

Whenever a new Hero gets released, it seems that the top-top players get the new Hero to 10 Stars as fast as a few days. Of course, that was an exaggeration but still, I saw an 8 Star Ifrit in the VIP chat in a mere two days after he was released. The guy might’ve payed with his mother’s credit card but still - wow.

What do you guys do?

There only is one Player with every hero on 10* Platinum :wink:

I have to guess on your question, but they will try to get their heroes on 10* Platinum +3, which is the maximum at the moment, Other than that there is mainly Bounty and PvP left. Rygel said in another thread that hetrys new teams apart from the standart. Scoring high in the PvP tournaments is something to go for too, but since PvP is broken atm many just play it casually. And of course waiting for new contant, like we all do.

If you have some 10* heroes Heronium is easy to gather, so you can buy many element frags. 14 frags just from dail quests. 15 with free wins in hardmode through video watching. These are 29 frags just through free, fast to play content, without slowing down your progression on farming items. You can go for 15 more without resets in Gauntlet and of course the PvP store. So gaining 50+ element fragements a day is not that hard to do.Doing it everyday you will easily get 1500-2000 frags a month, which will push your new to 9*+ without investing any gold.

as @WalleWu said, there is working to get all your heroes maxed out on Grade (Plat-3 just got unlocked with the latest update). And there are many things that the various top level players do, some try to dominate PvP, some focus on Bounty events. Myself I help my Alliance with things like Bounties and events we’re focusing on. And yes WalleWu was correct, I tend to experiment with team comps and hero synergies in PvP (where the strategic/tactical elements to the game is where I find the most enjoyment, which is why I am looking forward to the Draft Mode stuff the devs gave us a sneak peak for).

I also stay for the community (not just my Alliance, but everyone In VIP/Discord), for the most part this game’s community in VIP and Discord is probably the best I’ve been a part of for any mobile game I’ve tried (tho yes there are still some bad eggs, the awesome people far outnumber those).

The Devs also mentioned there are more things coming down the pipeline, and my curiosity is piqued, definitely looking forward to seeing the new content (I’m also curious as to how the Campaign story ends :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Okay cool. So literally the only thing left for those at the endgame is PvP, Alliance boosting, and Fragment collecting. That’s kinda… boring…

Edit: I mean that’s literally all we’re doing at all stages anyway, so that’s okay I guess.


I got one thing to ask though:

There only is one Player with every hero on 10* Platinum :wink:

(I’m also curious as to how the Campaign story ends :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I am 750k power, my main focus is getting all heroes to platinum then I will work everything on evolving them all to 10*.

I used to play a lot of PvP when it was interesting, now’s it’s just terrible so generally just do the 3 PvP daily and get top 100 in the events.

I’m hoping they will bring out some insane co-op mode that actually needs a great teammate and hero synergy to beat… Oh or a survival mode with leaderboard that’d be awesome.


oh man, I’d love an insane/hard Co-op mode that requires coordination with your teammate and hero synergies (especially if they made multiple versions of these co-ops and have them on a rotation schedule, so that they wouldn’t get stale like the Gorgon raid or the solo raids)! would definitely make co-ops more interesting again, and would go well with this new draft mode stuff, for awesome competitive end game content.