Polls! What does the game still need?

Hi there hunters!!!

I have created a series of poll down below related to suggestions and if they should be added to the game or not. :pen: I am gathering info on what you, the players, feel needs to be in the game.

I’m mainly looking to see how the majority of players feel about these topics as a lot of players complain sometimes about not having enough to do at top tier.

Main questions!
Should the level cap of 100 be increased?
Keep in mind some abilities will be effected, such as serials duration if it is extended to 110,

  • Yes, it’s to low
  • No, 100 is fine
  • Maybe make the xp bar infinitely fill, for people who want to flex, but not increase the max level,

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Should ruby 7 be unlocked?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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More higher level mission in coops and solo raids?
Such as a level 95 and level 100 raid difficulty
(Increased rewards as well)

  • Yes, higher level mission are needed
  • Not needed but would be cool
  • No, fine as it is
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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Quick Win-able Co-op raids?
A baseline; imagine being able to quick win your gorgon with 10-15 quick win tickets per win (qw amount depends on difficulty), however then you can’t trade wins with people.

  • Yes, please add for if I don’t have the time
  • No, this isn’t needed
  • Add it but I probably won’t use it since trades are better
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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Finally, astral and void frags

Add Astral and Void frags to the game?
(We already know how this poll with turn out…)

  • Yes add them
  • We don’t need them, I’m also crazy…
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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If added, how should they be added?

  • Add applicable frags, like the elemental frags
  • Just let us add “all elemental frags” to these heros
  • Let us earn frags of selected heros through the extreme raid but have it run more consistently?
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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Idea #1

Something everyone in the top pvp bracket is understandably upset about is that there is nothing beyond it, so my idea here is too make 2 more brackets for pvp, as well as war!

  • Pvp; I would add two new brackets in pvp for these zones:
    1:(current max bracket) 1.5m - 2.25m / 2: 2.25m to 3m / 3: 3m+
  • War; I would add 2 new brackets containing much higher rewards, in both the war rewards and season rewards;
    1: (current max bracket) 25m - 35m / 2: 35m to 50m / 3: 50m+

The orange portrait would be added to the 1st place in the 35-50m bracket and the top 10 alliances for the 50m bracket.
Mini idea
a new prize, an animated portrait for the 1st place alliance in the new final bracket. Whether it be an RGB border of the standard portrait, or have a shine that runs across it every 10 seconds, I feel like this would be a neat addition!

Would you like to see my idea added?

  • Yes, we need more brackets in pvp & war
  • No, I’m crazy and like chaos
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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Idea #2

A new tier for heros!
Wait what? How would this work you might ask, well allow me to share my idea; we all know the ruby tier, the platnium and gold, but what about pushing beyond that? That’s exactly what my idea is!

A idea for a new tier; Heronium!
The tier doesn’t add any new abilities, but rather increases all stats! From health, to power, to damage!

The idea I had in mind for this was the addition of a new tier after ruby 7 (which would also be added).

How to get to ruby 7;
Ideas on how this could work;
a ruby 8 core that upgrades to ruby 7 could be obtainable in a new highest bounty tier,

How to get to heronium tier; you can collect a heronium fuel cell from the heronium store as well as the high up tiers of alliance patrol crates, (which will also have an extended cap)
To craft a heronium core all you need is ten heronium fuel cells.
The gear items required to fix the slots for ruby 7 would have a upgraded ruby fuel cell (100 ruby fuel cells), upgraded plat fuel cell (200 plat fuel cells), 300 gold cells, and 500 silver cells, and finally 750 green cells.

Each fills one slot of the required gear items for ruby 7 → heronium.

How does it work?
Heronium tier makes all the heros stats at ruby 6 doubled.
This doubles Power, Health, Armor, and Damage.

(Ruby 7 gives all heros 20% more stat increases but heronium is still double of ruby 6 stats)

The bar looks like the green tier but is lighter and has a slight animated shine to it with blue and orange on the sides

What do you think of the heronium tier idea?

  • Seems cool, would be fun to upgrade further!
  • Too complicated, didn’t understand
  • No, game is currently fine with Ruby 6 as max
  • Maybe ruby 7 should be unlocked at the most…
  • Don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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New reward tiers should be added!

Usually we finish these events pretty quick, why not add a little more to do and some better reward to make it even more worth while?

  • New tier to Solo Pvp Event, after the gilded token tier, an extra tier is added that requires double the amount of points. It has one Forged Fantasy token, (1 heronium fuel cell) and finally 2 gilded tokens.

  • New tier for Alliance blitz, final tier needs 50% more points than original max and has 2 hero tokens included as well as other prizes.

  • New tier for Bounty blitz, Along with the portrait and ruby core, a new tier is added after it, having 40% more points required. The tier gives 2 tokens for the new hero and 100 frags for the them.

New tiers to grind rewards?

  • I would like to see new tiers with better rewards
  • Too much work & isn’t needed
  • don’t care / doesn’t effect me

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War shop!

Why not? Gotta use those extra war tokens somewhere!

  • The shop can refresh once a week

  • Items include; 5 extra attack points, for X amount of war tokens (war tokens are added as extra for each member and can only be used once), a discount base power up, like the 30 minute sheild, can be activated on a fully captured sector.
    (To buy items the item must be purchased by entire team timilar to a base power up, they can all pitch in or one guy can buy it for the squad,)

War shop; Yey or Neigh?

  • Neigh
  • Yey

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Thanks for reading hunters! Have an
amazing day and hope you liked my
suggestions on how to improve the top
tier experience! - bash


Cannot say I always fancy your posts, but I have to give you a thumb up for this one, especially for the work and efforts you put in.


Id like to see level 110 unlocked. As far as Ruby +7 goes, i dont think I’ll see it for a very long time, i have alot of heroes at Ruby +5, but i just cannot get past 5-8 Extreme Campaign. The players that i see at Ruby +6 i ask them the squad they used, because it seems ive tried just about every combination for the past 12 months it will be at the end of February. The players that passed it all give me the same answer, they got by it when Fiber was broken and she could beat any level.
As far as the another pvp tier, im actually sitting on the fence for that one.
Being able to get/buy/earn/win extra Battle points for Alliance Wars would be very nice, however, i do forsee that idea being abused almost immediately!
The Void and Astral fragments is actually an idea that players seem to have been screaming a out since the fist hero dropped, i know i was one of them who was very upset that Universal fragments couldn’t be used. If you do add these on, may i suggest putting them in the Heronium Store!
Co-ops most definitely need a level boost all the way to 100. They are not even challenging anylonger. It takes longer for them to load then it does for us to beat them! I am against being able to quick win them! That just wouldn’t work when you have friends that are much lower levels that you carry them to help them advance in the game.
Id like to see another Patrol slot open up for level 15 VIP users.
Id like to have more ways to get Ruby core units. Ruby Core III is so hard to find. There used to be mega packs where you coukd purchase Ruby or Platinum Core units, i have not seen that since DECA took full control of the game.
Id like to see more Blunty opportunities. Instead of just two weekends a month, I’d like to see you add a week long bounty event. And during the weekling bounty the Blue Revive Bolts shkuld be able to pruchase with Gold, as well as The first bounty of each month.
Last but not least a language translator shoulr be added, if it is to much to add it, then allow us to copy right off of chats so we can paste it into a Translator App of our choosing.

Thanks for Reading
Kendrick aka: Deathsquad058


So your having trouble with 5-8? Suprising considering 5-6 is harder imo, but yes 5-8 is doable, I completed it with no bars just by using verril, I believe I replaced either shank or volt with him and add sure to go into waves with trigger happy charged up, if you need some help there are videos on yt for specific visual help.


i honestly think this needs to happen it would be so cool.


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