Do you guys have team comps for bounty?

I generally just throw in the characters that are strong against the bounty. Do you guys have specific team compositions?

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I try to use element lines. Bio line against mech target; mech line against energy target and energy line against bio target. Usually I add one hunter with event bonus, if it is possible with elemental advantage.

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I use high DPS characters, and not as much support. I also tend to use characters with area damage attacks (Anvil’s Bronze, Maven’s Bronze and Gold, etc.), as (1 they tend to stack damage, and (2 the bounty doesn’t often change locations.


I do a combination of throwing my highest by element and whoever skills collab great together. I’ve found that my team of anvil halo sappy oracle and surge (all plat) are a great mashup. If you’ve ever seen a light show you can compare my screen to that. :blush: