What's your best Bounty Team?

What is your best bounty team?
I’ve been running a Nightingale, Cinder, Hector team that has Gale mark the boss, cinder uses acid on him for 50% more damage and Hector for massive DPS. My other two characters are my weak spots as I don’t have another heavy DPS I like for these events and still looking for another that might debuff the boss.

What are some of your favorite Bounty teams or feedback on my team?

You need to build bounty teams based on elemental damage bonus and skill usage.

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Message me ingame if you need help mrcapncrunch, part of excom

Depends on the element and the featured heroes. I will usually go with my top heroes that have an advantage against the bounty element (mech against energy, energy against biochem, biochem against mech).


Tu dois principalement utiliser les éléments

Mécanique contre énergie ( rouge contre bleu)

Biochimique contre mécanique
( vert contre rouge)

Énergie contre Biochimique ( bleu contre Vert)

Les dégâts sont beaucoup plus importants

Si tu fais l’inverse tu perdras des points de dégâts

I can’t really say if I have a best bounty, considering that there’s always a Faction with multiplied health and attack… Dogface, Kunoichi, and Hardscope would have to be staple Heroes on most of my bounty teams, though. Out of all the Heroes I currently have, they’re the ones that are able to output consistent damage whenever I am able to control them manually.