Do you prefer High or Ultra settings?

I was wondering today, what is actually the difference between all the graphic settings, to my surprise i found that just about only the lighting get’s brighter in the Ultra. Which one do you prefer?



The difference is resolution, it is far more noticeable on larger displays like an iPad. Everything looks really blurry, this includes text and models when on High compared to Ultra. Not sure you can see the difference due to compression on here



It’s most noticeable if you look at my name on the top left and swipe between the images, one is waaaay more blurry than the other.




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Ultra looks freaking gorgeous but it butchers my battery, so just use high and pretend it’s ultra.


I see now, i play on one of the most recent iphones, and it’s not as big as an Ipad for example, here i barely see the difference. Thanks for showing me!

I’ve never cared about my battery before, i play on the charger anyway

Wish, i also had a decent phone :neutral_face:

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For looks: Ultra
For actual gameplay: Normal

I ain’t gonna have pretty bad frame rate and an overheating phone mess up my matches. Lol

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My phone somehow never heats or lags, not even when messing with Halo,Krieger, Kiyoshi and marianas

I can play on the ultra high with no issues. But been playing on high. Might need to change settings and get used to it again

I think they should add an ultra mega mode, and extra framerate, make this game better than pc games

if you want your phone to became a nuclear reactor, they can put it

Yes please, i will rule the world, be the richest man alive because i found the most compact nuclear reactor

Extra Framerate? It has a limit… Or It needs a powerful mind…exceptionally powerful mind.

I could imagine we could make a nuclear reactor with that

maybe lol… but, having a high frame rate in a game is just a wastage of energy.

Device & brain will only consume energy to do almost nothing beneficial thing for us… Nuclear reactors are useful !
Actually very useful

Honestly i would take the risk of holding a nuclear reactor in my hands to get better frames

ULTRA in my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6! :sunglasses:

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