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Now i know there is probably a bunch of iOS players out there but I want to make this fair for the android players. Is there anyway for us to have an option to increase the graphics or decrease them? I’m not complaining im just saying that everyone should have this option regardless of there hardware info. Not all Androids are weak y’know. So please Hothead…Make a graphic setting for us if possible.

If your device doesn’t have that, it’s because it’s been blacklisted for graphics settings. There’s a good reason for it. If your device doesn’t have a graphic slider, it’s because setting it higher would crash the game due to your device being unable to handle it.

There’s a reason for everything! If the game crashes a lot due to someone insisting on using incorrect settings, they leave negative reviews, swear at my player support agents, and blow up the forums. We would rather give players a more stable experience.


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Im just saying this because i think my new android (LG Stylo 4) can handle graphics high like that. Does it only depend on the certain hardware i run on?

@FrostyMk2 I hope this is helpful info… I have a Samsung s7 and under “Options” in the game I have an “HD Graphics” settings with options for “Reg”, High", and “Ultra”. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, and it doesn’t have an option for “HD Graphics” at all. I’m guessing but I’d think overall resolution, pixel density, chip, the processor, etc has to do with it. @Muninn would certainly know more than me. Again, just trying to be helpful, so for comparisons sake between the s7 and LG Stylo 4 check this out:,Samsung-Galaxy-S7/phones/10876,9817

Thank you! I’ll see if this works.

It seems that the Samsung takes the cake. It seems that my device seems like it can handle high graphics. Well thank you for the info. Much appreciation

You might think it can, but unfortunately, that’s not the case :frowning:

Ok thats fine. Thanks for your support!

The most advanced graphics I have seen is the Ultra setting. But this is using an android emulator called Memu Player on my Windows 10 PC. I have a decent graphics card. But the game does end up crashing. It does look beautiful though! (The game, not my computer crashing! :slight_smile: )

So is there anyway we can have at least regular graphics since Ultra is kind of crashy?

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