Show graphic change options on all mobiles

If the graphics not showing on normal mobiles then make it uncompatible if it work in it then maintain medium graphics not very low graphics

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I used to have a low led and high graph tan in options a few months back (still in beta i think) now i dont. I tough they removed it for all mobile devices

I wish there could be simpler sprites too. my phone can’t handle too many explosions.

Our system is designed to hide graphic settings which a device can’t handle. We didn’t want people to opt into a graphic setting which would create a negative experience for themselves. If you believe you’re phone can handle a higher setting, Android has very complex hardware configurations, please private message me what device you’re using and I can check to see if it is misrepresented.


Hugginn, what if I want my game to have lower graphics?

My last phone had graphics that reminded me of the first Lara Croft game, but it ran as smoothly as ever. Never had a problem with Hardscope’s rocket launcher.

While the game looks fancy in my new phone , it is impossible to aim with his BFG after the first shot, because it gets laggy. Same happens with Oro’s silver and I think that it happened once with Halo’s plat, but Im not sure about this one.

Shall I contact support too?

We don’t prevent people from going down graphic settings. If you want to step your graphics down you can find that ability in the Options screen.

Stepping down while degrading the graphical quality generally improves the performance of the game, notably in terms of frames per second. Stepping up graphics has the opposite effect.

We’ve essentially just limited people’s ability to raise the graphics quality higher than what their GPU can handle. If putting the game on “Ultra” will crash the game because your device’s GPU just can’t handle it, or would result in a sub-par frame rate (we’re talking 15 frames per second here) we disable that option. This reduces the possibility of someone opting themselves into poor performance while playing the game which creates a negative experience.

Mmmm… No, I cant change graphics.

And Im pretty sure that my old phone had way lower graphics (I still have my old phone, I can take a screenshot of the same hero in both devices if you want)

@GTSaiko, I sent you a PM. I’m not sure what value continuing it publicly would bring others.

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No graphics options in my Options screen. I remember it used to have one when I began playing.

Hi Huginn,
My device Redmi note 4 Snapdragon 625 can handle higher setting.So pls check it.

Running Redmi Note 4 as well. Graphics is locked at lowest when the GPU is sufficient to run at much higher levels. A shame HH has to look so ugly without an option to change it.

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