Higher graphics settings?

I loved the game, I’m actually one of the pre-registering folks. I was impressed by what the game looked like as well as the concept. However, I find the former aspect lacking. My game does not look at all like what was shown in the images. I’m on a Redmi Note 4, decent processor and 3GB of RAM, a device that runs heavy resource games with no hitches.

So why don’t I have these high level graphics? If there was a setting for it I’d be very happy. So, any ideas when we’ll have that next level graphics experience?

You should probably send a ticket in-game, they can see the hardware your phone uses and it will be easier to solve, some other people also had this problem with their device

Wait, so the low graphics thingy is a bug? I think it’ll be better to solve it by giving users the option to select the graphics as they want to in that case. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I’ll go through support then :slight_smile:

It can be that your phone uses different hardware then the common brands(Samsung, Huawe, iPhone etc) so it’s not recognized by the game and that’s why it puts you on low graphics to make the game playable for players with older hardware to reduce lagg and stuff like that

Ok, cool. Let’s see what support says hehe. I’ll post any updates here(hope that’s okay? Forum rules lel)

The option to change graphics is supposed to be locked for some devices, because they kinda assume it won’t work with higher settings.

But this is a bad choice, in my opinion. My new phone has better graphics than my old one, but I’d personally like to lower graphics as much as possible to avoid certain instances where the game lags (Im looking at you, Halo). However, I can’t do this, because they have preset the graphics my phone is able to handle and thats it, I’m stuck with them :confused:

Seriously tho, my phone runs PUBG in Mid, and Asphalt XTreme in Ultra settings. I’m pretty sure it can do a better job on this game…

Pls optimize the game for Redmi note 4.There are lots of people using this device.With low quality graphics setting by default the game looks horrible.

I contacted support about this but only got the generic reply. Seriously though, they should offer graphics options. If I’m okay with the framerate, let ME choose it.

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Other high graphics games like shadowgun legends, Asphalt 8 runs smoothly but this game with low graphics is really unplayable.There must be graphics setting option.

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Hello developer,
Are u seeing this or not?

Developers Should Add The Function to Configure GRAPHICS In All The Devices

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This is easily said, just look at this different.

a gaming console (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii) has the same hardware, no graphics settings ever.
laptops and PC have different hardware, drivers and software that all influence a games performance, not every game has the newest list of hardware so sometimes a better graphics card will result in a low standard graphics because it’s not recognized.

the same goes for mobile phones, name the number of brands, with different versions and different hardware, not every brand is commonly used, or uses the newest hardware, resulting in lagg etc

But I want to have LOWER graphics to avoid some lagging instances (like Hardscope’s bazooka or Halo’s Plat)

I know this game can have lower graphics, because my old phone made me have PS1 flashbacks (oh, the polygons), and I didnt lag with Hardscope’s bazooka (I did lag with Halo’s plat, though). But this new phone is set to higher graphs, while not allowing me to go lower, which is pointless.

If a game has a set of different graphic settings, I’m not sure why I can’t choose the one that I like most, as long as my phone can handle it correctly.

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Exactly, we NEED this in the game xD

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