Don't crash in multiplayer so often

When I enter any multiplayer game (co-op raid or PvP, hunts too) there is a roughly 85% chance that the game freezes and never unsticks immediately. Generally the scene appears partially rendered; often there are missing textures, missing foreground polygons (I can usually see the plane in terminal unobscured), and extraneous 2D foreground overlays (such as a bunch of status condition icons and skill use indicators - usually all of them at once). In order to play when this occurs, I have to force close the app, then start it again, wait for the game to load, and wait for it to reconnect. It never freezes or crashes upon re-entering this way. I’m not going to claim I would be winning every match or anything, but it does seem like my squad does little net damage by the time I get back in if my opponent has healers since the AI doesn’t focus on taking them out early the way I would, so I feel a little bit disadvantaged there.

This doesn’t happen every time, roughly 85% probability with no discernable pattern. Generally during my daily allotment of PvP and co-op, I can get 3-4 matches where it doesn’t crash. When it doesn’t crash, I do get one rendered frame that looks similarly funny, but it only sticks for a second. Yes, I have tried waiting longer for it to unstick in the other cases, it never works. My connection is fine. My android device is not spectacular but it runs every other game I have tried without similar issues.

I can’t possibly be the only player with this problem, but if you told me I was the only one patient enough to keep playing the game anyway, I might believe you. Apart from these incidents, I am enjoying the game a lot, so please address the instability.

Happens to me too in coop raids, same solution of restarting the game.

The pvp equivalent is how sometimes the battle takes 30s to start even after finding opponent.

I figure it happens cause the connection of one of the parties glitched for a moment

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