Drones and holograms

Why are the healers heal my holograms from haloway or the drones of hivemind
As in the skill description says heal the alied hero with the lowest remaining health ot shielding the hero with the lowest remaining health
Is this a bug or is this how the skills normal work and the game sees the drones/holograms as hero
Btw its a joke when vanguard gives a shield to a hivemind drone or haloway hologram

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Yeah I really don’t like that some of the skills (eg mandrake’s or Moss’s) that apply to all heroes, or “the most X” hero, apply to minions. When you see a 10k HP drone get an 80k HP shield things indeed look a bit silly.

For AI healers, the priority goes to ally with the lowest percentile of health. So even if there is an ally with 1 health out of 2, and another with 50,001 health out of 100,000, it would still choose the 1 health ally.

Yea but it says ally hero not ally drone or hologram
I see a lot of heros go death becausey heros heal a drone or shield a drone it really frustrated