This game is very good it’s nice to see another hero but there is only a few heroes that can heal or give shield i’d like to see some new healers because it’s boring to use same healer and shielder

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I don’t know what your talking about but there’s a ton of healing and shielders, plus a few recent heroes like Duran came out who are very good at their job, if you want to I can make a list of who is good at what

Yes duran is good but some heros like operater is not as good as keel evry hero have thier + and - but there is only a few good healers

Its more varying, operator charges his skill very fast and can heal up a lot in a short while, what I’m trying to say is some heroes have a bit more speciality in other cases, take for example bucket, she can shield and heal and it seems weak but it can change the tides,

So it just depends on what team you play with

Yes this is true but operator is only good on lower LvL because on plats he dies very fast maybe he can save 1 hero but the rest can die quick and he also don’t have much HP and bucket is very good hero but her gold skill can kill her

Indeed, but the point is that every hero has their point

Yes evry hero with heal have thier point. there is like 20± heroes with heal skill but some of them are only good on highter LvL like ifrit some of them are better on lower lvl like operater, nightingale but there is only a few good healer, shielder like kobold, keel, flatline and some more

Indeed, but they can’t create a ton of healers in a short while just because there’s not enough super good ones

Yes they can’t do many good healers but this is boring to use same healers but they can add hero that can give invisible for 1 second and heal like 10K per second for like 10 seconds

Also remember they could have like 5 heroes already on schedule, so even if they would take your idea it might take months

This is not a problem i can wait a year for it
But if you want you can take my ideas

I can take them but I can’t do much with them, what you can do is make your own hero concept, the community loves those

Nah i’m too scared because i don’t speak eanglisch very well

I can try to take your idea and create something, I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Add my account in hero hunters i have more ideas

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