Easter Scavenger Hunt 2023

Hello Hunters!

After the 6.6.5 update :wink:, April will continue festively! The Easter Scavenger Hunt is coming your way next week!

From Apr 7 UTC (Apr 6 PDT/EDT) to Apr 30 UTC (Apr 29 PDT/EDT), make your way through normal and hard Campaign modes and find all Easter Eggs:

Common Egg 60 Common
Rare Egg 30 Rare

Legendary Egg 10 Legendary

Find and shoot all the eggs and you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 50 Ethereal Frags

  • 3 Hero Crate Tokens

  • 3 Gilded Crate Tokens

  • 1 Most Wanted Token

  • This cute thematic Portrait!

As mentioned previously, the Scavenger Hunt store will also include some Astral and Void frags in addition to all other items!

Happy Hunting, everyone!


Quite a low amount of ethernal frags, even considering the only people who get them need to have 14-10 hard done to collect all the eggs.

(But the portrait is hilarious, P e r f e c t i o n)


will be completing it for just the portrait alone :star_struck:

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Gotta love that portrait! Great job on it, worth the grind alone!
Love that there’s frags. Hope we can get a bunch at least from shop so i can level Granny

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Cute portrait… … … … …:heart_eyes:

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