Scavenger Hunt

Is it Easter again? Already?! :thinking:

Looks like it, because the Easter Scavenger Hunt starts soon! :star_struck: Search for Eggs hidden throughout the game and earn awesome prizes, including a rare skin for Maven: Toxic Bunny! :rabbit:

Presents are hidden in Normal Campaign, Hard Campaign! NOWHERE ELSE!


Love the skin! Also, are there going to be skins purchasable in the shop? I remember the forged skin for kiyoshi was in the Christmas Halloween one, I would love to see ones like the scarecrow for fiber or gallahd for fortress, maybe even a war dealer for verril if your feeling nice? Ok maybe the war dealer is asking for. But too much, thanks y’all for still giving us this Easter update!!! Can’t wait!

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Galahad skin should stay original honestly. I get festive skins but Galahad was a special one like no other

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So does “Across all game modes” actually mean ALL GAME MODES… or will there just be eggs in missions and gauntlet?

Y a tellement de skin rare introuvable comme celui de Saphyr vous devez penser a ça aussi et j’espère voir son skin mythique. Autre soucis les missions EXTRÊME pause beaucoup de problème même avec mon level 100 j’arrive pas à passer surtout la 5-6 extrême merci de tenir vos promesses et bon travail pour cet mise à jour.

When egg hunt initially came out, we had to search in all PvP and coop courts. Sigh……

Final question! I remember way back in the old days where they were actually hidden in pvp! Will it be that way again or just single player modes?

Agreed galahad was specifically made for those hard working players that have saved up a ton of gilded crate tokens. I am not pissed thst i wasnt able to get it, but respect those who copped it.

Actually unfamiliar with how it was originally obtained, he’s just one of my og faves, are their any other skins you would like to see in the shop? Like scarecrow, since it was a limited time and luck based on its crate drops, or maybe something like goddess for bucket, something basic like that,

Update: by looking at pris skin “Bunny” since I don’t have it it says find in, rather than currently unavailable, when I clicked it it said available in Easter store, so yeah, one skin down, others I’m unaware of bc either I don’t have the hero or I already have the skin, makes sense the bunny skin is coming back

Some are just year round obtainable skins associated with that specific season or event like the ones with a tag on them like halloween skin and such. I do see skins that come back might be those released with the hero updates.

and there are skin vault tokens that hh offers in some events. I got a lot of skins that were pretty rare from that like silent night nitingale and such.

I saw the message in-game, it seems to be leftover from when HHG did these. This time it will be a bit different. Once you find an egg, you should focus on the mode you found it in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please Tell me,where i can find the egg

They are hidden somewhere in the entire campaign of both normal and hard. Search high and low and behind things. They can be tricky to find

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