Editor tag?

A lot of people don’t know this (I didn’t know it until recently mentioned), but the Editor tag isn’t actually a rank. Sometimes I see the “editors” being harassed by other people thinking that there a forum leader or something. I’d say that we should make it somewhat more clear that its a badge and not a rank.

(I’m an “editor” right now and I’ve been on the forums for less than a month)

Why would someone harass someone they think is a forum leader?

I guess harass is the wrong word. I meant expect answers for questions they can’t answer.

Why, indeed :frowning:

Now I just want to use the editor tag to see how many people try to flame me. Is that bad?

I just wish there were more usable tags. Of all of them, why is Editor one that you can use as a badge…? It makes no sense. Community Star I understand; but why aren’t there more merit-based tags that we can use to indicate that someone is an active forum member?


What specifically would you like to see?

Are you sure you’re actually asking us that?
This can easily get… Bad.

I just want all, if not most, of the unlockable badges to be usable as tags. Things like “Famous Link” and Member would be great to be able to use. Alliance tags may be useful. Maybe you can be assigned in-game factions here for a little extra spice…

I think what we currently have is good, so it’s all up to you.

@Muninn - Hey thanks for the reply! I guess I’d just like to see more “equippable” badges. Editor relays nothing to forum readers and is trivial to get. Why would that be a useful badge to display?

Looking through some of my own, there’s plenty that I feel would signal to other readers what kind of contributions I’ve had to the forum.

  • Appreciated: Received 1 like on 20 posts
  • Gives Back: Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes
  • Good Topic: Received 25 likes on a topic.

These all show other users that I’m an active forum member and have added useful discussion to various posts. It’s a form of “Street Cred” so-to-speak. It’s a visible representation of my forum history and suggests that I’ve been quite active.

I’m especially fond of my Good Topic badge, since I’m one of only three users that has it (Benched and Howitzer are the others). Furthermore, the post for which I earned that badge is the number 1 most liked post of all time at 47 (second place is Howitzer with 28). How come I can’t display THAT next to my name to indicate that I’ve made a meaningful contribution.

(On a side note - is there a badge for 50 likes on a post?? It’s killing me that I never reached it and found out)


I’m always up for player feedback, so long as everyone understands that 1) we can’t do everything you ask for various reasons, and 2) things may be more difficult or complicated than they appear.

I’ll take a look and see if adding tags is even possible, and we’ll talk further. Drop some ideas in for different things you would all like to see. I promise to read them all.

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Many people probably think ‘Editor’ means that he or she controls what is posted. In reality, it just means that he or she has edited one of their posts. Not a very noteworthy accomplishment, but hey, it looks important. :blush:


We can drop some more but I agree with @Papa_Marsh

It’s nice to show these of

But we can always come up with some other titles, if possible of course.

I also think this would help to get the chill back to some posts

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