Elemental Offence vs Defence

Hey up - I hope this isn’t the same as your post (PVP Brawls: Elemental Wars)…

My idea is that you have 3x set events in PVP calendar:

Energy Busters
Gamer can select either
–Offence (4x Mech Heros) and will be matched against 5x Energy heros
–Defence (5x Energy Heros) and will be matched 4x Mech Heros

Acid Rain
Gamer can select either
–Offence (4x Energy Heros) and will be matched against 5x Bio heros
–Defence (5x Bio Heros) and will be matched 4x Energy Heros

Heavy Metal
Gamer can select either
–Offence (4x Bio Heros) and will be matched against 5x Mech heros
–Defence (5x Mech Heros) and will be matched 4x Bio Heros

I realise the names could be worked on a little!


Ooo! I like the idea of choosing either offensive or defensive.

If I’m reading right, in each of your modes, you made the player select which element they want (energy, Mech, Bio). If your element is the weaker choice, you would get an extra hero. Does that sound right?

I really like the idea of giving people a choice. There is something to explore there!

Thanks for the idea here! Will pass it along :slight_smile:


Yep - that’s the idea. Not sure if the elemental advantage is countered correctly by having a 4-5 disadvantage in team numbers…
Instead of choosing which element you want - you choose Offence or Defence which by definition will determine the element. There’ll only ever be a choice of two depending on which of the 3 events is running…

Sounds fun but got a question , the team that is on defense need to kill the offense team ? Or their goal is just survive an amount of time meanwhile the offense team is attacking them ? :thinking: I ask because the names give that impression

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Had assumed initially that the goal was to simply defeat the opponents, whether playing Offence or Defence.
I think that would work best in the PVP arena.

But I like your suggestion - Defence could be a separate timed survival type event…

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