Brawl: elemental wars

Is it just me or does the current brawl highlight the state of PVP. Despite the big change to the element, still the same heroes dominate pvp.

I have some teams that do not contain just the strongest heroes and these are nothing but frustration and losses now.

Another tip if such huge changes to the elements occur a one day event is to short to find alternative usefull combinations.

Share your thoughts.

There are 15 different characters represented in the top 5 teams currently. That’s not bad.

I’m dominating with Sentry, who normally would do nothing because of Panzer/Dogface. Without element advantage, my Sentry beats both of them

Yes was a bit frustrated that my first attempts didn’t work. So my main concern would be that one day is to short for this event.

Edit: played some more and my original assessment was correct. At least for the power bracket where I am active. I try to find combinations that make sense with the current elemental bonusses and I still loose from teams consisting of: Panzer, Flatline, Mandrake, Nightingale, Ifrit, etc.

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