New PvP Mode: Elemental Onslaught

Here’s an idea: Elemental Onslaught

New rotating 3v3 PvP Mode, contingent to the Solo daily raids, where you may only use heroes of the same element to fight opponents of that same element (therefore no elemental bonuses).

It’s quite simple:
Currently, the Solo daily raids are set up on a rotating schedule

  • Mech Strike - Tuesday & Friday
  • Energy Strike - Wednesday & Saturday
  • Bio-Chem Strike - Monday & Thursday
    • ALL THREE - Sunday

This PvP mode would mimic the schedule of the Solo daily raids

  • Elemental Onslaught: Mech Attack - Tuesday & Friday
  • Elemental Onslaught: Energy Assault - Wednesday & Saturday
  • Elemental Onslaught: Bio-Chem Bombardment - Monday & Thursday
    • ALL THREE - Sunday

Here’s a scenario!
Its a beautiful Saturday morning. The birds are chirping, the sun is out, the weather is absolutely gorgeous… What a perfect time to be a hermit and stay indoors all day to play some PvP!! Since its Saturday, Energy Assault is the active Elemental Onslaught PvP option. In this mode, I can choose three of my Energy heroes to face an opponent’s three Energy heroes… Only Energy heroes are allowed (same goes for the other days).

Okay that’s it…
It’s pretty simple, and would give us more options for PvP, which I personally think we need.

If you don’t like this, here’s another PvP suggestion I made a while back that you might like instead:
New PvP Mode: ARW (All-Random Warfare)

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Don´t we already have this kind of mode with the 3vs3 out of a fraction event?

Are you speaking of a PvP Faction Tournament?
If so, I am not suggesting an event type mode, I am suggesting a mode similar to Free Play, that is available to us all the time.

My suggestion is about playing with and against one specific element class on a daily rotating schedule similar to Solo daily raids.
If you don’t feel like playing Free Play or are out of lives in that mode, you could play this, with smaller team sizes, no elemental bonuses, and a different strategic basis that changes by the day.

I understood your suggestion. I know that it is a bit different, but it is simmilar.

I am more into short events, than having much content avaliable all the time. With having it avaliable all the time it is mandatory to play it, because of the rewards. Only solution would be that you don´t get rewards for it.

I’d have to respectfully disagree with you. I think I can speak for a majority of the Hero Hunter’s community and say that on a typical basis, 50 - 60% of PvP lives in Free Play go unused within a 12-hour reset period, especially those who own every hero and have 4 lives per hero (thats 240 lives every 12 hours). The availability of the lives do not make them mandatory to use one bit. When I lose my A, B, and C team, I’ll call it quits until the next reset, and I’m sure there are a lot of others who’ll agree with me. A new PvP mode would expand methods of reward acquisition (which all we’re talking here is up to 60 PvP gems per win), but it certainly would not make it mandatory to participate in.

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So you would put it beside the free play. Using he same shop and getting the same rewards as from normal PvP?

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Yup! That would be the idea. Just a separate mode from Free Play, sitting right beside it, with a separate rule-set (only heroes of a specific element [depending on the day], teams of 3, and no elemental bonus), a different set of PvP lives, and same rewards that can be used in same PvP store.

I like this idea, when you’re not in the mood to start a new forum topic to cry about an OP damage hero, or Nightingale healing to much, we can play this mode, quick fights and a chance to learn to play with new heros, maybe even upgrade them to be more useful in PvP and bounty


With the 2x the match length, a perma 3v3 would be welcome.

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