Update Delay

Greetings everyone!

Well the transition and its shenanigans are at it again.
This time the victim is Update 5.6, due the insistent messing with our progress the next update will be delayed.

It was not the easiest decision but we feel it is the correct one as this will be the first DECA Update and we want to release something that we and you could be proud of.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we will keep you informed about all the latest changes.


Thanks Gunslinger. I can only imagine how much of a mess the coding is…looking forward to this very much anticipated update!


I can imagine how much work this must be. and then the heat y’all get from players that get agitated by this.
All i will say is that i 100% support the transition and i’m looking forward to what y’all have in petto for us. To a new era🎊

Ps. There could be better communication with people without the discord. The red banner could definitely work in favor to keep players calm as transitions happen :slight_smile:


Can we get an estimate?

At least you could anticipate which hero and corresponding faction so that we can improve these heroes… this will slow down all the players. thanks for listening


this is the worst experience to players, Publisher delay the update plan indefinitely, How long must we wait… Its maybe many months, many years, so terrible. Haha


I am waiting for the moment when all players will delete the gane who doesn’t have patience or read what’s written above in the post:)

this is a total disorganization…it has already started they taking a bounty will be that this single bounty the prizes will be worth 2x was the least they should do with respect to us players

It is not even a week after the normal update schedule. Y’all need to have some patience. They are still being introduced to the game. They need time for the greater good

Guys waiting is never fun, and it was not done without a reason. We want to make sure that the content you receive is done with care and consideration.


Can we have an ETA? I thought it was going to be this tuesday

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