Endless Summer Blitz!

I have found that opening a chest gives 4 points instead of 1. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but…

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there is currently a bug maybe, opening one crate gave me 4 points, so I got tier 3 instantly, bc I got tiers to open more tier and so on, great little reward

Maybe you should play the event and figure it out yourself? Go get today free 8 tokens and get milestone 2 for free will ya, thx, enjoy the bug,

I loved the event lots of free goodies.
Thank you DECA

I even may agree with you – in CURRENT form (when 1 token=1point) Endless Summer is really fun.


I still need 20 tokens but no other ways to earn them… oh well :frowning:

Plenty of ways still, the upcoming co-op will still let you and another pvp event has them in ranking prizes

I got the skin for 0 € and 0 Gold. Maybe they just should have been a little more patient.

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We could not have known it before hand. Anyway, i’m not afraid of spending a little fee to get it early

Are you understand what event is bugged? Plus what except you Hero Hunters is game for many thousands of other players? For example, PVP rewards may got only few peoples. Literally. Only 500 peoples in each division. You got skin? Good. But don’t supose that like something easy for everyone.

Got the skin
I wish I had stygia

Kindly disregard, got the skin lol

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