Upcoming Events (Aug 28 - Sep 4)

Hello Hunters!

August is almost over, but summer won’t be ending anytime soon in the HH universe! Let’s see why:

Endless Summer Blitz!
Aug 28 - Sep 8

How to Play
Unlock the Summer Event Crate as many times as you can, and climb the milestones for a chance to get Colonel Wesson and his new mythic skin: Captain Wesson! Each unlock requires 1 Summer Token and gives 1 point. You can choose to do 10 unlocks at once if you wish. The more unlocks you do — the better the rewards!
The crate itself will also give some additional rewards, like 5 and 7-star crate tokens, Platinum 5 and 6 Core Fragments, and more!


  • 3 unlocks: 25k Bucks and 2 Summer Tokens
  • 7 unlocks: 25k Bucks and 4 Summer Tokens
  • 15 unlocks: 50k Bucks and 6 Summer Tokens
  • 31 unlocks: 100k Bucks and 10 Summer Tokens
  • 61 unlocks: 125k Bucks and Colonel Wesson
  • 122 unlocks: 150k Bucks and 10 Summer Tokens
  • 244 unlocks: 175k Bucks and the Mythic skin “Captain Wesson” which you can see above, along with a special portrait!

You can also get Summer crate tokens from a special daily login calendar (running from September 1st until September 6th) and as rewards from some of the events! Such events will be marked with a :sunny: in this and in the following week’s event schedule!

War Season
Aug 28 - Sep 1

“Unyielding” Solo Raid :sunny:
Aug 28 - Sep 1

Solo PVP Blitz!
Aug 29 - Aug 31

Tournament: Lwa and Disarray :sunny:
Aug 29 - Aug 31

“Metaphysical” Co-Op Raid
Aug 31 - Sep 7

Bounty Event
Sep 1 - Sep 4

Lwa and Disarray Bounty Blitz!
Sep 1 - Sep 4

Grab some more midlines and see you in-game!


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